Looking for digital marketing experts Glasgow trusts?

Seek Social is home to a passionate group of marketers with experience across the full spectrum of digital marketing services. Our team of experts help businesses in Glasgow and beyond to grow their online presence effectively. To do this we employ a wide array of digital marketing tactics and techniques, but one thing we never do is compromise on quality or on our principles. There’s no sneaky underhanded tactics in use here, because we know that they never pay off in the long run, and because our team is talented enough to not need them. We succeed by doing the job the right way and by working hard, and that’s why you should choose to partner with the digital marketing experts Glasgow trusts – Seek Social!

In addition to our experience, knowledge, and techniques that are proven to bring success, with Seek Social you also get versatility. We are one of the few full-service digital agencies in the UK – that means that our team boasts a wide range of skills, knowledge and competencies, and includes specialists in each of the following key Digital Marketing disciplines:



Effective SEO offers a boost to every section of your online marketing funnel. It can increase your online visibility, thereby also increasing your number of inbound leads. More leads means more sales, and more sales means more revenue. You do need to be careful however, as poor SEO can harm your online presence as much (if not more) than good SEO can help it. Thankfully, when you partner with Seek Social, there’s no need to worry. we only use proven SEO techniques, enabling you to reach your target audience organically, and for you to see results that last.


It is important to realise however that ‘SEO’ is in fact made up of a number of separate sub-disciplines and tasks – including (but not limited to) on-page SEO, off-page SEO, ecommerce SEO, and local SEO. Depending on the nature of your project and the kind of success that you want to see, some of these techniques will be more useful or relevant to you than others, and there are also preparatory tasks to take care of before effective SEO work can take place – such as keyword research.


As digital marketing experts Glasgow can rely on we can tell you that an SEO campaign will also need ongoing management and maintenance once it’s gone live if it is to succeed to maximum effect. Again though, with Seek Social, you don’t have to worry about any of this. SEO is our bread and butter. We work on every aspect of the services we provide in this area almost (if not actually) every day. We are therefore well aware of what it takes to get a job done well, and we stand ready to provide those services for you.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

The Seek Social team are experts when it comes to taking care of each of the different stages and elements that go into a successful PPC campaign. The digital marketing experts Glasgow based businesses trust can help with the initial planning of your campaign and identifying the strategy that will work best for your business – which we do by evaluating a number of factors, such as the industry that you’re working in, who your target audience is and your brand values – and applying our own personal experience knowledge and insights in addition to that.


Once a viable strategy has been identified, our creative team can also help you put together effective ad copy that will attract attention, entice people to engage with it, and that will be shown when people search for terms that are relevant to their need for your product. Once your ads are written and ready to go, we can then support you with the rollout as well – making sure that your ads are going out in the right places and associated with the right terms to be seen by your audience and resonate with them.


Our support also extends beyond campaign rollout too since, like SEO, the PPC landscape is always changing. Search terms become more or less popular with certain demographics or in certain geographical areas, changing who sees your ads and who they resonate with as they do. That’s one reason why our professional PPC service includes post-rollout support and amendments – your campaign needs to change, adapt, and move with the times if it is to remain successful over a long period of time. In addition to this, there’s the basic need to verify that any strategy we implement for you is delivering the results that we expect, and again, use our expertise and adapt our approach if this is not the case. All of this is impossible without post-rollout support and staying up to speed with your PPC analytics, and so that’s why we offer it.

Social Media Marketing

Another key area of digital marketing that Seek Social can help you with is Social Media Marketing. Once again here we offer a comprehensive service that covers you from the initial planning stages of your campaign, through content development and rollout to post-rollout management.


During the planning stage we’ll develop and decide upon a strategy designed to deliver the awesome results that both you and we want to see, we’ll identify once again who your target audiences are, as well as other audiences that are likely to be interested in your products or services – and we use that information alongside our in-depth knowledge of how people use social media to identify two key elements in the equation: what your content should look like given your brand’s identity and what your target audience(s) like, and when and where we should be posting content in order to reach those target audiences.


Once we’ve decided on a strategy, again our creative team will get to work supporting you, whether that’s through writing posts for you, providing bespoke imagery for use with those posts, scheduling posts so that they go out automatically when and where we want them to, or all of the above. In addition, the digital marketing experts Glasgow can rely on will again provide post-rollout support for your campaign once it’s gone live. As before this support will involve monitoring your social analytics data, seeing whether or not the campaign is yielding the kind of results that we want to see, and making changes if it isn’t. This support is also necessary because once again content trends and audience tastes change over time, and your campaign needs to change with them in order to deliver sustained long-term success.

Web Design & Development

Alone, the campaigns that we’ve spoken about above will struggle to deliver the kind of success that you want without top-notch website elements and pages backing them up. A good ad or social media campaign for instance will need a solid ‘landing page’ to deliver success at maximum effectiveness – one that reassures the people that see it that they are in the right place, and which makes converting (whether that’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or whatever it is that you brought them here to do) easy.


From an SEO standpoint, it’s also important to realise that how each page of your site performs and the elements that are presented on it matter too. For instance, a page that loads slowly, or which prevents the page from delivering the same value to users with disabilities as it does to those without is highly likely to be penalised and demoted in the search engine rankings purely because of these issues.


It’s therefore important that you are confident in your pages and how they’ve been put together, and that’s why the Seek Social team stands ready to help you with all aspects of web design and development. Our web design and web development staff are highly experienced and highly aware of SEO, they know what qualities and elements a page needs in order to rank well, and we know how to put them in place so that any new page that we create for you, or any of your existing pages that we work on, are primed to rocket to page one!

Other support Seek Social can provide

In addition to the four core services that we’ve talked about above, you can also turn to the Seek Social team – the digital marketing experts Glasgow businesses turn to in their hour of need – to provide a number of other services that further support and compliment this core offering – including graphic design, email marketing, online engagement for social media, and more. Finally, remaining on the topic of social media, don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for some great informative digital marketing content, and if you’d like to talk to us about your digital marketing needs you can also reach out to us over those platforms, or via the details that you’ll find on our contact us page.