Help! I need a digital marketing company near me!

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Getting to grips with digital marketing and practicing it successfully can be a tough ask, especially without the right team to support you in the endeavour. For many, finding that team starts with searching for ‘digital marketing company near me‘ on Google – however, if you’re here, you’re already in the right place.


Seek Social is a leading, experienced digital marketing company – based in Greater Manchester in the UK, but working with clients across the globe – that is home to a team of digital marketing professionals who know from experience what it takes to deliver high-quality solutions in the online marketplace. We’re the perfect team to help you get digital marketing done right!

We Offer Results-Oriented Digital Marketing Solutions

Seek Social specialise in creating efficient and robust digital marketing campaigns, campaigns that work and which maximise your return on investment (ROI). Over our many years of operation our company has designed and managed several compelling campaigns that have yielded great results. Even better, our campaigns have delivered across a wide range of niches, target markets, and target audiences too.

All of this means that when you partner with Seek Social, you’re accessing a valuable source of all kinds of digital marketing knowledge – a resource that can deliver everything you need to practice successful online marketing. From top-quality strategic expertise to more practical skills like web design and development, graphic design, content creation and more – we have all the bases covered, and we have the results and success stories to back it all up too.

Why Choose Us?

The Seek Social team know that digital marketing doesn’t stand still for long. So, like the industry itself our team are always thinking about what’s next. This helps your business stay up to date with what’s happening today, and be prepared for what’s coming tomorrow.

Our digital marketing agency provides strategies that lead the way in terms of quality and creativity. Each of our campaigns seems to end up with it’s own unique twist that helps it stand out, but this is always done while respecting your existing brand and image too.

We know that the digital marketing results we can deliver only really have a positive impact on your business if they are sustained, and a long-term positive for you – so we focus on delivering these results. No short-term flash-in-the-pan ‘boosts’ here.

Our work includes identifying potential issues and addressing them before they have a chance to harm your online image, or any digital marketing campaign you’re running. Experienced problem-solvers, we employ creative and critical thinking to accomplish this goal.

In digital marketing, you have a wealth of data and information at your fingertips to help you understand how a campaign is doing, including any issues that it’s having and what you should do about them. We always use this real-world data to guide our next moves once a campaign is underway.

Here at Seek Social, the entire team is committed to delivering a quality, dependable service that delivers – with the mindset that your success is our success too. So, we want to see you succeed, and we’re highly motivated to making that happen!

We know that some businesses have had bad experiences with digital marketing in the past, but we’re on a mission to show the positive power of digital marketing wen done ethically and well. That’s why we’ll always be open and honest with you about your campaigns and our work.

Seek Social believe that good, effective digital marketing should be accessible to all – so we won’t sell you short on digital marketing solutions. With us, you get access to quality digital marketing solutions and expertise for a price that is fair, and won’t break the bank!

They key digital marketing services we offer

SEO is a crucial part of any successful digital marketing effort because it delivers on a number of levels – including increased site traffic, conversion opportunities, conversions, and online visibility. With all of those benefits on offer it really cannot be skipped, and our team will help you design a solid SEO approach to take your pages to the top of the search engine rankings!

A pay-per-click advertising campaign is a great way to have a positive effect on your online marketing results in the short-term. The Seek Social team can also create bespoke PPC campaigns which work in harmony with our SEO campaigns – and deliver an effective one-two punch to boost your online visibility!

Your digital marketing company near me is home to a group of creative graphic designers that lead the way in terms of creative adaptability and vision, as well as technical expertise. Our designers know how to combine all of these elements with your preferences, to create unique content that you (and your target audience) will love!

In digital marketing, you have to be detail-oriented. Every piece of content needs to be in line with your brand, and that brand needs to portray your business in the way that you want it to be portrayed. Our digital marketers highly skilled in this area, and can help you make sure that everything is pulling in the same direction.

The global number of social media users increases by the day, and with it, so does the size of the opportunity social media marketing presents to you. Social media marketing campaigns developed by Seek Social’s marketing experts are proven to promote brand awareness and user engagement, enhancing your credibility as well as your sales potential.

Your website is your business’ virtual store, shop window, and billboard all in one. For many it’s where a visitor becomes a customer, and so it’s a key location for any digital marketing project. Seek Social’s web design and development staff are highly experienced when it comes to creating business websites – ones that inform, convert, and sell highly effectively.

Had we lead you to growth

If you’re going to carve out your own place in your online niche, you will need to harmonise several key digital marketing strategies. However, as a full-service digital marketing agency – and the people you should be tuning to if you’re looking for a digital marketing company near me – Seek Social can help you with all of the following:

Page Optimisation – Meta Tag Optimisation, Page Speed Enhancement, Image Optimisation, Anchor Text Optimisation

Brand Awareness – Social Media Promotion, Content Development, Informative Videos, Robust Ad Campaign

Competitor Analysis – Keyword Research, Ranking Analysis, Shared Content Research, New Links Tracking, Credibility and Authority Building, Conforming User Intent, Quality Content Creation

Mobile Search Enhancement – Schema Markup, Content Indexing, Mobile Optimisation

Technical SEO – Crawl Analysis, Content Indexing, Mobile Optimisation

Local SEO – Google My Business, Citation Building, Local Listing, Geotargeting

Google Ads Management – A/B Testing, Landing Page Optimisation, Bid Management, Google Shopping Ads, Remarketing Ads, Google Display Ads, Dynamic Ads, Paid Social

What benefits does good digital marketing support have for my business?

Creator discoverability and visibility

On the internet at least, people can be pretty lazy. They tend to ‘trust the system’, and let the computer do research for them. This can even extend to a kind of ‘Google knows best’ mentality, that sees people simply use what the search engine gives them. As a business though, if you rank highly you can use this to your advantage. If you’ve optimised your site well and rank towards the results then it’s more likely that your name will be seen. Even if a user doesn’t click your link, if they see your business’ name they have at least learned who you are, and may recall you the next time they need a service you can offer, or tell their friend who’s in need of that service, and so on.

More web traffic

In all kinds of businesses, a well thought-out, well-executed SEO strategy is proven to increase the amount of traffic that a website receives. As we mentioned above, this is beneficial to a business in a number of ways – but chief amongst these is often an increase in web traffic. Web traffic is the online equivalent of people entering a brick and mortar store – so the more people you have coming in the better – but when you pair that increase in traffic with more effective product pages on your website, social media posts that resonate well with your target audience and reach more people, and the other benefits good digital marketing can bring, you often get another benefit that we talk about below too…

More sales, or more uptake your services

Because good SEO can increase the amount of traffic that your website receives, it can also increase the number of conversions you make – whether that’s people buying your products or services, or signing up for things like email newsletters or loyalty programs.

More trust

Good digital marketing campaigns will see your marketing channels and marketing materials reaching more people, and convincing them to convert. As part of this process your name will start to be seen more often, or in more places online – getting you more exposure. The more often people see your name, the more likely they are to remember it, and the more likely they are to start to trust you as a reputable business that’s not one of those ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ types that you hear scare stories about on the news. Once they have that trust, they can instil it in others, and they are also more likely to convert for you.

The Last Word

We really hope that the paragraphs above have shown you why – if you’re looking for a ‘digital marketing company near me‘ online, Seek Social needs to be on your radar. Our team is one of the most experienced in the industry, and our company one of the oldest continually operating digital marketing businesses too. Our mix of experience, creativity and talent is hard to find – but you have found us, and we stand ready to help you today. To tell us more about any digital marketing projects or campaigns that we can help you with, you can contact us today directly through our website, or if you prefer you can also reach out to us via Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram too.