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Digital marketing is crucial for small businesses, as it takes time to build brand awareness and build (or maintain) your customer base. Your target audience needs to find you, and this means being able to easily find your website on Google, and in many cases, engage with you on social media. In the case of smaller businesses, local search engine optimisation and Google my business are particularly important, as you want to gain customers in your local area. Running a PPC campaign can also be highly effective if done correctly, as it can quickly boost conversion rates. As a business ourselves, Seek Social understands the needs of a small business both from a marketing specialist’s perspective, and from a business perspective. So, we’re uniquely placed to help you implement marketing techniques that will work for you.

Why are we unique?

Seek Social is not just another marketing agency. Unlike many others, we use data, from Google analytics and other sources, to inform our marketing strategies, because it means we can accurately measure how users interact with your website or app, and how the changes we make affect that.


We also have experience in working with both B2B and B2C sectors, so we have good commercial awareness – we can understand your needs and we want to find techniques which are suited to your brand and target market, or to the businesses within your sector. We’re aware that a generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to marketing is rarely effective, and as such, we adopt strategies which are tailored to your company. The only constant is the data-informed, results driven approach, which allows you to see your results clearly.


As a full service agency, with web developers, SEO consultants and creative marketing specialists, we focus on all aspects of your marketing campaign. We won’t, for instance, just focus on generating leads without also taking into consideration the needs of your brand credibility. In terms of SEO, we will achieve increased web traffic for your site, but not at the expense of your brand reputation and image.

The best marketing strategies for small businesses

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, in terms of Google search trends, Instagram trends and other techniques (for example, video marketing on Tiktok is increasingly popular). As a small business, it’s particularly important to pay attention to the following:

  • SEO strategy, particularly local SEO. Increasing organic search rankings and brand awareness online is crucial in growing your client base.
  • Conversion rate marketing. Increase sales figures by knowing where your customers are leaving your site or app, and address this – to work out how to effectively convert.
  • Content marketing. Build a rapport with your target audience by producing engaging content on social media.
  • Website audit. Reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates by gaining an understanding of how viewers use your website. Seek Social will always, in the first instance, conduct a full website audit before we devise any strategy.

Why is effective digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of implementing various techniques online or on other devices like smartphones to promote your business. Some of the advertising techniques are the same as traditional marketing, although others (such as the use of videos in Instagram reels and on Tiktok) are newer. Just like traditional marketing, digital marketing increases awareness of your business and your product or service. Social media and PPC have, however, shaped how marketing is done – capturing your target audience’s attention quickly is essential, given the speed at which users scroll social media and Google search results.


Effective marketing techniques achieve genuine leads for your company – that is, they direct web traffic or users from your target base to your site or app, which ultimately leads to increased conversions. A trustworthy marketing agency can deliver genuine results that improve your revenue. They will be transparent, sharing all results with you in a measurable format (e.g. a graph, with data from Google analytics or other tools) as they proceed with your campaign. At Seek Social, we will carefully track the progress of any campaign we implement, from the initial audit, to reaching the end goal.


Marketing specialists can help you to implement techniques which actually address the obstacles to your success, e.g. bounce rates on a given stage on your website. Taking this example, in our initial site audit, if we find that viewers tend to leave a given webpage before ‘Add to basket’, we will look at the design of this page, as well as the design of your site overall, to ascertain precisely why that is. This may mean that we need to re-design your site, or update it, depending on your specific case. In time, you will then see revenue increase as we improve the user experience of your site.

Web traffic and SEO

Although being found on Google and other search engines is important for all businesses, it’s arguably far more important for small or medium sized enterprises than it is for huge corporations like Starbucks or Tesco. Put simply, large corporations are so famous, they already have a customer base who will type their name directly into Google if they want to find them. And the Google algorithm will place those official brand websites at the top of their results.

For small businesses, who are looking to improve their brand visibility, it can take more work to achieve the online exposure you want by ranking high on Google. If you want to be seen by your target client base, you need to rank well for the correct keywords – this means keywords which have web traffic from your target audience, and for which your business has a realistic chance of ranking well. In improving your SEO, you want to increase your brand’s awareness, by being found by a wider range of people, and therefore achieve higher conversion rates.

The best way to explain the right approach to Google rankings is to outline the wrong ways to do it first, which – unfortunately – many agencies deploy, and many businesses target in the absence of specialist advice.

SEO myths

  • Don’t target the highest volume keywords (generally). Keywords with the highest search volume are often not the best ones to try to rank for, because often they are difficult to rank for, especially for a small business. There is also the source of that web traffic to consider – even if you could rank for that keyword, many of the searches would not come from your target audience anyway.
  • Beware of ‘vanity’ rankings. ‘Vanity’ keywords are those which are easy to rank for, because they have very little (or no) web traffic. You can secure high rankings for hundreds of practically useless keywords – which hardly anyone is searching for – with no actual increase in web traffic or conversion rates.

Although Seek’s SEO consultants will give bespoke advice when you contact us, generally the key to successful SEO for small businesses is to target relatively low-competition keywords with comparatively high web traffic. The newer the business, the lower the keyword difficulty we will generally look to target – provided it has a reasonable amount of web traffic (i.e. not a ‘vanity’ keyword).

We will look at how your competitors rank for particular search terms, and then ensure you rank well for those same terms. Staying ahead of the curve in a competitive market is a struggle our team genuinely understands – we observe your competition and make sure we upscale your brand.

See for yourself

We don’t make empty promises at Seek – please take a look at our client testimonials, to see how we have helped SMEs to achieve online success.