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As the leading data science company London can boast, it’s probably no surprise that Seek Social LOVE data. Data is impartial, and it always tells the truth – and In an industry like digital marketing – where there are so many different ways to identify and measure ‘success’, there’s nothing like the cold hard factualism offered by raw data to help you cut through all the jargon, fluff and filler, and understand what’s really going on. You need a certain level of clarity from your analytics and reporting to get results – and referring back to raw data is often the best way to get it.


Here at the top data science company London has to offer, we can analyse your web traffic to find out things like where on the internet (or the planet) it is coming from. We can tell you what people do on your site and where they go. We can inspect your Customer Relationship Management database and check that all the data stored there is correct – and should we find anything missing or incorrect – go looking for up-to date details. What’s more, because we’re a top digital marketing agency too – we can use all of that data to create better campaigns that are more likely to resonate with your audience, find new audiences that will be interested in your brand, and plenty more besides!

Why Does Data Science Matter?

Today, data has value. It doesn’t really matter what it is, where it’s from, or what it’s about – it’s useful to someone out there. Just think about it, from a government operation having a unique way to identify you, to ad agencies serving you ads based on what other people like you enjoy, to your local pizza place associating a phone number with an address so they don’t need to ask where to deliver to – everyone can use some form of data on some level. However, as the leading data science company London can boast, Seek Social know that data needs to be collected, entered, and maintained properly to really be useful.

The data science services provided by the Seek Social team can therefore help you use the data at your disposal to its fullest extent. You see, the top data science company London and her businesses can count on is also home to a group of people with a great eye for detail, who will put their skills to good use for you, by finding, entering or verifying information for you, so that it’s ready to be used productively.

So, if you require some assistance getting your data ready to be put to good use, or the peace of mind of knowing that you’re building your data set the right way from the very start – reach out to Seek Social today. Below you’ll find more information about each of the data science services that our team provides – and don’t forget that in addition to being the best data science company London has to offer, Seek Social are also the home of top-notch digital marketing – and because data can be a valuable tool for digital marketing and other business practices we use those two skillsets together to provide a data driven approach to digital marketing. An approach that we know gets results!

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The Services Offered by Seek Social - The Data Science Company London Trusts:

This was one of the first data science services that Seek Social added to our offering – and since that time we’ve seen good success here – especially on LinkedIn. This service sees the staff at the leading data science company London can boast combine our expertise in digital marketing, social media engagement, and of course our data science knowledge to find people in need of the services or products that your business provides.

To ensure that everything’s recorded properly and of maximum use to you as our client, we’ll add all of the potential leads that we find to a CRM document for you. You’ll also receive an updated version of this CRM document with a new batch of leads on a regular basis – either periodically after a set amount of time, or when a set number of new records have been collected, whichever suits you better.

As the leading data science company London has to offer, the Seek Social team are experienced when it comes to working with data, so seeing large amounts of information, records etc. doesn’t put us off or scare us. Not everybody’s in the same position as we are though, and e understand that the sheer amount of data that’s collected by modern businesses can be overwhelming – especially if you’re not used to seeing or working with files such as CRM databases and the like.

We also know that feeling overwhelmed like this can have a negative effect on your data operations and your business – since it can make it even harder to retrieve the most useful data from your file(s) and act on the information it provides. There’s no need to worry though – if you recognise that you’re in that situation (or even if you suspect that you might be) just reach out to the Seek Social team and let the best data science company London can boast help you make sense of it all!

Of course we’re aware that clients in the B2B sector might already be aware of the information they need from their data. if that’s the case for you then we’d encourage you to bring that brief to us so we can work to it – and even if you don’t have any data yet, the Seek Social team will still be able to work through our early-stage tasklists for data science, performing research online, and beginning to collate data and information that is likely to be pertinent to you.

So, whether you need ‘high volume, low detail’ data sets (such as business directories, contact lists etc.) or if you need us to delve deeper and put a bit more ‘meat on the bones’ as it were, you can trust Seek Social – the data science company London and her businesses love – to do the job well!

If you already have a dataset, but one that’s incomplete in some way, you can look to the top data science company London has to offer for data completion. This service sees our elite data science team use the information that is present in your records to find as much of the data that’s missing as we can – and of course we will add that additional data to your database once we’ve verified it too.

‘Complete’ data is a great thing to have, but just because a data set is complete, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of that data is correct and up to date, or that no records have been duplicated accidentally. As the number one data science company London locals have at their disposal, of course Seek Social completely understand that human error can’t be avoided completely, however the inaccuracies and flaws that it introduces can have a big impact on how successful the digital marketing campaigns that rely on that data are – and of course any other activities you might be using the data for. However, when you come to Seek Social for help with data validation and cleansing, the team here at the leading data science company London has to offer will put all of our skills and our keen eye for detail to work – poring over your records to locate and remove any duplicate or inaccurate data.