How To Find SEO Companies Near Me who Guarantee Results

Appearing on page one of Google search results is crucial for your business – over 5 billion Google searches take place every day. Yet there are many dubious SEO ‘experts’ online who promise the world, and leave businesses without any actual results. This is often because they secure Page 1 rankings for multiple useless keywords, i.e. the ones that no one searches. Seek Social is transparent about our SEO technique – there is no smoke and mirrors, just sound advice, based on knowledge of the Google algorithm and keyword trends.


If you want to improve your search engine rankings, you need to enlist a reputable agency who really understands SEO, and can implement a strategy which will work for your business. Search engine algorithms are becoming increasingly complex – there are already over 200 algorithm updates for Google per month. Optimising web content isn’t a one-off project, but an ongoing one – you’ll constantly need to rank for different keywords as search trends develop, and keep your website up-to-date.


This is how we achieve results for our clients, and bring them the sales figures or other conversion rates they want to see – we monitor Google trends and select keywords which will actually benefit them. At Seek, we specialise in SEO – it’s been part of our main offering since we began, and continues to be so.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation - Where are you in journey?

SEO is essentially the process of improving your website’s ranking on organic search results. It’s crucial for businesses’ success, because if you can’t be found easily on Google, your clients can’t see you….but they might see your competitors instead. If your website is confusing, provides irrelevant content, or full of broken links, then Google will move it down in its results pages. You need a website which Google bots can understand, and will place high in its results. SEO gives you the opportunity to be seen by a wider digital audience, unlocking the potential of increased sales figures and other metrics of success.

If you aren’t seeing the web traffic and conversion rates you deserve, it’s time to enlist a reputable SEO consultant, who will take the time to understand your individual needs. For example, if you are a start-up, attempting to rank for a very high search volume keyword related to your industry is not likely to succeed. As a new business, you want to build a client base, and be found by your target audience – the Seek team will devise an optimisation strategy to actually achieve this.

Making sense of search engines

First and foremost, how does SEO work? Google takes into account a number of factors when ranking content. Although keywords get a lot of attention, they are only part of a much larger picture. One of the main things Google considers is website design and quality – low quality, low speed websites aren’t favoured by the search engine. Here’s our quick guide to the SEO criteria you should meet:

  • Good website design Google rewards websites which are easy to use, load quickly, and work on mobile devices.
  • High speed Page speed is important – it’s one of the main factors the Google algorithm considers when ranking content.
  • Relevance of content The relevance and quality of your content is crucial – Google wants to rank pages which deliver what its users are looking for. Keeping your content up-to-date is another important consideration, as Google tends to place more recent content – provided it is relevant! – higher in its results
  • Optimised content Optimising content for relevant keywords for which you want to rank is obviously important. It is sometimes preferable to use keywords in your titles
  • Website security Website security matters to Google. Ensure you have a secure certificate, which tells search engines that your website is safe.
  • Website structure The structure of your website – in terms of how it is built and which links lead to where. Your site should be easy to navigate for users, so they can find the information they want.

SEO services: proven methods, guaranteed results

SEO is the best way to drive clients to your website. Once you’ve ensured high website performance and user experience, including good linking structures, then you should ensure your content is rich in keywords and related phrases (secondary keywords). You’ll need to consistently maintain your website, and produce content for newly trending keywords, if you want to maintain high Google rankings over time.

Explain to us which SEO services you need, and we’ll advise you on the best approach for your marketing needs. Our award-winning team has built its reputation through consistent, reliable advice and continued results for our clients. We tailor our SEO strategy, including local SEO where appropriate, to each of our client’s needs. We’re transparent in our proven methods for gaining organic web traffic, improving your online visibility.

The Seek solution

It’s easy to find keywords with high search volume, but not to predict your chances of ranking for those terms. SEO tools assign keywords a “difficulty” rating from 0 to 100, although this isn’t watertight – it’s merely a guideline. A difficulty score of 42, for example, would be difficult to rank for. At this juncture, we should point out that the keyword ‘difficulty’ is a broad concept, which doesn’t just cover one single metric. Different SEO tools calculate their difficulty ratings differently – at Seek, we understand these differences, and we make informed decisions in the best interests of your business. The following factors are part of keyword difficulty:

  • Domain authority (i.e. quality of your backlinks)
  • Internal links
  • Content length
  • Relevance

Generally speaking, selecting keywords which will bring traffic to your site – and which you have a realistic chance of ranking for – is based on a trade-off between:

  • Competition level
  • Volume – quantity of search queries

Low competition, high volume keywords are usually the easiest to rank for, though it’s important not to fall into the trap of ranking for multiple keywords with no traffic. So-called ‘vanity keywords’, those with very little to no traffic, for which you can easily rank well, don’t help your company’s visibility. You may appear on page one for hundreds of keywords which are practically useless – unfortunately, many agencies are happy to churn out vanity rankings. So be wary – consider where the web traffic is coming from, if there is any in the first place for a given keyword!
Seek’s SEO consultants will always be transparent about our keyword choices; we explain, in plain language, exactly why we want to go after certain keywords, and why these keywords will bring traffic to your site. We update you as we proceed with our SEO strategy, sharing all the data and key metrics for success you want to see.

Perhaps most importantly, our consultants will select keywords which will actually gain traffic from your lead sources – the people who are going to buy your product or service, or download your app. There’s no use ranking for terms that won’t bring any practical benefit to your business – Seek have never done this, as our client testimonials show.

Improve your Google ranking today

If you aren’t getting the online visibility and sales figures that you hoped for, it’s worth contacting our SEO consultants today. We don’t try to push our services onto you – we just want to see if we’re a good fit to achieve your vision. In most cases, we are sure that we are – we have a proven track record with SEO campaigns.