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Seek Social is a multi-award winning digital marketing agency, with extensive expertise in SEO. We consistently deliver results for our clients, which is testament to our data-driven approach and consistent monitoring of Google trends.

Proud of our reputation as a leading SEO agency, we run high-quality campaigns based on thorough keyword research and analysis. We know how to increase your client base online, improving your visibility on search engines and diverting web traffic to your site, with the end goal of achieving conversions. This involves choosing the most optimal keywords for your individual business needs – which isn’t simply a volume game. Read on to see how we can help with your online marketing efforts.

Why do I need professional SEO services?

Effective SEO is not simply going after the keyword with the most traffic, or by securing a high ranking for as many keywords as possible. Each of these approaches are erroneous in the majority of cases; firstly, ranking for the highest volume keyword is not feasible in most cases, as you are often competing against a corporate giant in a given field. Secondly, ranking for an array of different keywords is pointless if these are the wrong ones. Many less skilled marketing agencies will secure multiple rankings for low competition keywords – i.e. those which hardly anyone is searching for – making these rankings practically useless.

So how is SEO done correctly, and why should you enlist a reputable SEO consultant to increase your web traffic?

Have the edge on your competitors

Your target audience is searching for particular products or services online – and you want them to find yours. Our SEO consultants will devise an effective strategy which brings your website above your competitors in organic search engine results. Not only does this promote your website, it ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

Access to a breadth of knowledge

SEO is a constantly evolving discipline (to give context here, Google performs over 200 updates a month), which requires constant monitoring of search engine trends and of keyword analytics. Producing effective optimised content requires a multi-skilled team, encompassing both analytical and creative professionals to achieve the best results. SEO agencies like Seek Social combine talents in multiple areas, at a lower cost than an in-house SEO consultant.

Working with a specialist SEO agency gives you access to a breadth of SEO knowledge, which can be usefully leveraged to increase your conversion rates. An in-house SEO professional is unlikely to have the same depth of expertise that a specialist agency has at its disposal.

Learn about your target audience

SEO attracts more visitors to your site through increased visibility in search results. In achieving this, our team has access to a large volume of data on your client base, enabling you to make much better informed decisions about your business and marketing strategy.

How does good SEO improve my online marketing results?

Yes, good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) does earn you more traffic on your website. This is due to a number of reasons, but chief amongst them are these two:

People tend to trust the results they see at the top of the rankings, so they gravitate towards them. If you rank in the top 3 for a term, such behaviour can see you earn more traffic almost by default.

Partially, it is because people are lazy. Some will just click whatever they see at the top, reasoning that ‘Google knows best’. This isn’t always the case, but if you rank in the top 3 for a term, such behaviour can see you earn more traffic almost by default.

If you want more people to see and understand your business and your brand, then you need to get more traffic. The more traffic you earn, the more people will see and understand your business and your brand.

Purely through probability and the law of averages, if you have a greater number of people visiting your site as a knock-on effect of that then you should also find that the number of people making serious enquiries about buying from you increases too.

As a second knock-on effect – and again thanks to probability and the law of averages – the more serious sales enquiries you get, the more of those enquiries will convert into actual paying customers, and the more of them that do so, the more money you earn – all through investing in better SEO!

The higher you rank on a trusted search engine like Google, the more people are likely to see your name when they search for things. But what most people forget about this fact is the psychological impact of seeing that name more regularly. Essentially, the more people see your name, the more familiar they become with it, and the more they start to trust you.


The more they trust you, the more likely they are to do two things: look into becoming a customer themselves, and speak positively about your brand to other people-both online and off.


Because they do this, good SEO can have a positive effect on your business’ reputation and increase awareness amongst your target audiences, both online and off.

The benefits that good SEO has for my website

Better rankings means more trust from humans

People have an innate trust of the businesses and sites that they see at the top of the search rankings for terms that are relevant to them. They know that search results are presented in what Google believes to be the greatest order of relevance to their search, so they trust that if something is at the top of Google’s rankings, then it must be relevant to the thing that they searched for. However, they also trust Google to keep them safe, and in general believe that the results towards the top of the rankings for any given term are safe to visit. 


Therefore, if you rank highly on Google, people see that as Google ‘vouching for you’ in a way, and further trust your page and site, even if they don’t actually know who you are.


As a business practising good SEO, you can use this effect to your advantage to both bring in more traffic to your site, and also build an improved online reputation – even if you had a good one before.

Better backlinks means more authority, which means more trust from Google

Google does have a measure of ‘trust’ that it takes into account when ranking your site-this variable is known as ‘authority’. Google has two types of authority: page authority and domain authority.

Page Authority

Page authority refers to how much Google believes that any given page knows what it’s talking about. It’s a measure of how many people link to your page, the quality of those links, and the quality of pages that are linking to you.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a measure of how much Google believes that your site as a whole is a source of valuable information. Domain authority is determined by the number and quality of your backlinks, which we’ll talk about later on this page.

More authority boosts the reputation of entire site

The more authority your pages and site can build up with Google, the better because Google essentially uses authority as a tie-breaker. Where it believes two pages are equally relevant for a given search term, it will rank all pages in the tie according to their respective authorities. As a result generally speaking the more authority you can earn the better chance you have of getting your pages to rank highly.

As we’ve seen above, the more you can do that, the more it will help cultivate a positive opinion of your site and your online presence, and the more encouraged and enthusiastic people will be about engaging, visiting, and buying from you online.

Why Choose Seek Social?

Seek Social have been delivering results in SEO since we began, and have developed a tried-and-tested method which has adapted as search engine algorithms have evolved. We have won multiple awards for our work, voted for by industry experts.

Unlike many digital marketing companies, SEO is a core specialism at Seek Social; we have a dedicated SEO team, who work in tandem with our creatives to integrate SEO into your web content or app. Our SEO consultants work alongside our paid ads (PPC) team to achieve more conversions.

How long does it take to improve SEO rankings?

SEO is a long-term strategy – quick fixes sadly aren’t available. Be wary of agencies who promise overnight results, as these are likely to come from keywords with low traffic, which don’t result in quality leads.

It usually takes several months, or even up to a year, to see the full results of an SEO campaign. However, Seek often achieves results sooner than anticipated. How quickly you see results will ultimately depend on how competitive your industry is, how many of your competitors are implementing effective SEO strategies, the history and age of your website, as well as other factors specific to your individual strategy.

What does Seek Social's SEO strategy involve?

Put simply, Seek Social can deliver results because our SEO techniques are based on proven methods. Our consultants have been working on SEO for over a decade, and evolve our strategy in line with Google and other search engine updates.

Unlike many other digital agencies, we don’t simply get you to rank for lists of keywords; we know that SEO must be considered as part of your entire marketing campaign. This enables us to target the right keywords to generate quality leads for your business, taking into account all the relevant factors. Yet keywords are only part of the picture – you also need a high-functioning website and quality backlinks, both of which our team can work on.

How does Google rank my content?

While keywords attract the most attention when it comes to SEO, they are only one piece of a much bigger puzzle. Content alone is only one small component of successful SEO, and within that, how your text is written is also important.

Sentence structure is important for SEO; it’s not enough to pepper your text with keywords if your text isn’t written in correct, well-formed sentences in the first place. Grammatical sentences are easier for us to understand, and can improve Google’s understanding of your content. Google likes to read content in a certain way, and this is driven by the way in which humans like to read text. This is why it’s important that SEO consultants work alongside copywriters.

Well-constructed sentences increase Google’s understanding of your content, and make it more likely to reward that content. Texts should be easy to read, help users find the information they’re looking for, and of a reasonable length. People use search engines in a particular way – they tend to scan a text rather than reading it as a whole, as they would a traditional newspaper article, to gauge how relevant it is to their search query. Search engines also scan content in a similar way: Google scans, or ‘crawls’, content to check for particular structural markers, including heading, keywords, and semantic analysis.

Let us improve your online visibility

The Seek team has experience in both launching new SEO campaigns and optimising existing SEO strategies. Unlike many agencies, we won’t tell you that you can rank on page 1 for hundreds of keywords, which transpire to have no traffic and fail to bring in quality leads.  Instead, we’ll select the most appropriate keywords for your business, which will actually increase web traffic from your target audience – and therefore improve conversion rates – over time.