The Benefits of Paid Online Advertising

Paid online advertising is the fastest and most cost-effective way to reach your targeted customers when you promote your product or service online. Whether your goal is to drive more people to your website or sell additional products, if you do things right you can get started with paid online advertising without any risk to your budget. In terms of Return on Investment, this type of advertising and paid traffic is more effective than most forms of advertising in use today.

Pay-per-click (or PPC) is another phrase used to describe the most popular form of paid online advertising provided by the major search engines (like Google or Yahoo), so if you hear this term used elsewhere on the internet, now you know that it too is simply talking about paid online advertising.

Why does paid online advertising work so well?

This is because paid online advertising brings you targeted traffic, and targeted traffic – customers have searched out exactly what they’re looking for – is much easier to convert into sales. In addition (and unlike on Social Media) online paid ads are clearly marked and segmented on the internet – wherever you see them, you know they’re an ad.


Others might use social media marketing services or approaches on sites such as Facebook or Twitter to make a name for their business, toiling away creating posts, finding images, scheduling those posts, and all the while competing with the never-ending stream of cute animals, selfies and holiday shots that you’ll see in the typical social media feed. Using paid online advertising however, you don’t need to do that – and you have the knowledge that the people who come to you via PPC know that they clicked an ad, and in turn they clicked that ad because they want what it was selling to them – no ambiguity, no confusion.

Things to consider for a successful online paid advertising campaign:

Costs & return on investment

There is no doubting that online paid advertising can be expensive. However, because the potential is so great for earning back your initial investment (with a healthy profit on top) that expense is still a wise investment. We know that there are millions of people browsing the internet and that means thousands of potential customers no matter how niche your product or your target audience might be. The opportunity is also there to attract large volumes of traffic to your website.

The cost involved with online advertising will depend on your objective and the strategy you want to take to achieve it – but when done correctly, online ads can be a real money spinner for a business.

Monitoring analytics & tracking success

Another big concern is monitoring the performance of your paid online advertising campaigns and making sure that they are giving you a return on your investment. Online advertising is a competitive marketplace and you need to get every bit of value that you can from it – you don’t want to find that you’re spending a lot of money on a paid advertising campaign only for it to not deliver in terms of success. There’s a simple way to avoid this predicament however, and that is analytics.

Platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and so on can provide you with all the information you need to find out if your campaigns are succeeding or not, and Seek Social can help you make sense of all that data and translate it into meaningful insights that can be used to inform your next steps and deliver continued, long lasting success via paid ads.

A note on writing ad content:

Lets not forget that however large or small your business or your budget may be, you will need to target the right keywords with effective ad copy if you want your campaign to succeed. Writing good ad copy is a specialist skill – not everyone can do it – so depending on your skill set in-house it may be worth reaching out to a professional copywriter to create your ads. On top of this, they should also be able to help you with the content on your website too – though technically speaking this is an SEO matter rather than a paid online advertising one.

...But wait - there’s more!

As effective as it can be, paid online advertising alone does not make for a successful digital marketing strategy – it needs to be used in conjunction with other digital marketing and ecommerce techniques to perform at its best. However, because Seek Social is one of the very few ‘full service’ digital marketing agencies out there, that puts us and our clients in a great position. Our team of elite digital marketing professionals offer all of the supporting services that paid online advertising needs to deliver the best results, including the following:

Web Design

Even the best ads in the world will only get you so far. To turn those clicks into conversions you will need an array of effective money pages that are capable of giving prospective customers that final push to take the plunge and part with their money, whatever you want them to do – and Seek Social’s developers know just how to create them!.

Web Development

While basic website and webstore setups are available for use requiring only minimal changes before you can get up and running, these templates haven’t been built to meet the needs of every business and industry out there. As a result they might not have all of the features and functionalities that you want (or in some cases need) in your store.

Not to worry though, as Seek Social’s web development professionals have the knowhow you need on your side if you want to add extra features and functionalities to a site – even if you need something custom-built, we can take care of it for you!

Expert Search Engine Optimization

Just like how search engines rank pages in their results by keeping track of keywords, they also use keywords to determine which ads a user sees when they run a search. This means that the keyword research knowledge that the team behind our expert search engine optimization services have will be of use to people running paid ad campaigns – but more importantly, so too will their ability to properly optimise your product pages and get them ranking highly on Google.

Branding & Content

If you’re going to run paid online advertising campaigns, you’re going to need ad copy – and simply put, the best way to make sure that you get effective ad copy that will motivate customers to click and buy, is to put an expert copywriter in charge of proceedings. Where can you find such a person? Why, Seek Social of course!

Data Science & Analytics Expertise

Okay, your analytics suite is all set up for your latest campaign, and you can see the data coming in – but while it’s one thing to see the numbers changing, it’s another to understand the significance of those numbers and pick up on the messages that they are trying to send you.

Everything Seek Social does is driven by data, so understanding what all of the numbers mean and picking up accurately on the messages that they’re sending is simply part of our daily grind. So, if you need some help interpreting your data and turning it into useful takeaways that can inform your strategy moving forward, Seek Social can certainly help you with that!

In conclusion

For your paid online advertising campaigns to yield maximum ROI you’ll need the help of a PPC expert – someone with the knowledge to come up with campaigns that both represent your brand in an authentic way, and resonate well with your target audiences, while also providing you with the expert search engine optimization and social media marketing services and other skills needed to support a campaign properly. Do this, and you’ll gain larger ad profits compared to more traditional advertising methods.

Who can help you with that though? Why, Seek Social of course! So, why not get in touch with us today and see how we can help, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin for even more paid online advertising expertise!