Bury’s Top Social Media Company – Helping The Next Generation!

Bury’s Top Social Media Company – Helping The Next Generation!

‘Star Trek: Picard’ started this week, and that got us thinking… Much like Jean-Luc Picard guided a young prodigy by the name of Wesley Crusher in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, the top social media company Bury has to offer are mentoring and nurturing the next batch of digital marketing talent. It’s a chance for our social media marketing, web design and SEO expert teams to mould tomorrow’s digital marketers in our own image…  A chance for that talent to sit under the learning tree of the best social media company in UK too… And lastly, it’s a chance for us to learn too. By mentoring and teaching we stay in touch with the younger generation and what the trends are. This knowledge can then help us help your business do the same – so everybody wins!


Leading From The Front

Paula is the boss, and the most public face of Seek Social – the best digital agency Bury has to offer. In addition, most of our face-to-face mentoring activities involve her direct participation. Late last year Paula spoke at the ‘Digital Her’ event in Bury, designed to make social media marketing and I.T. jobs in general more appealing to girls and young women… An ideal choice as the head of her own social media company. Paula was delighted to be there, and soon after, began work on a mentoring program with the Salford Foundation.

Paula’s work with the Salford Foundation involved speaking to local schoolchildren aged around 13 and 14. However, this was far more than your standard careers talk. Over the course of the seven week program, Paula led the children – who were chosen by the school – in activities too, and gave them first hand information on the world of work. Paula didn’t limit her insight to merely looking at things from the perspective of an SEO expert, a social media marketing professional, or as the head of a top social media company either. Rather, she acted more as an ‘everyman’ employer… Teaching the kids how an employer would see things, rather than an employee.


Small group of school children and a teacher working together at a desk.A Two-Way Street

The participants learned from Paula the importance of things like good communication, time management, and teamwork. They also learned that ‘Work’ is a lot more like school than maybe they had thought initially. From being nice and showing appropriate respect to appropriate people, to learning new things, and sometimes even teaching them… These are all skills that the team at the best digital agency Bury can boast learned at school. Each of us – from our SEO expert to our social media marketing team – still use these skills today. Indeed, most aspects of the work undertaken by our social media company call upon such skills. Paula’s mentoring students now also know that skills like this are first learnt at school… And that they are as transferable as the knowledge they get from their studies.

However, even though Paula was technically the mentor during these classes, she was learning too. Speaking to her social media marketing team after the conclusion of the programme, Paula gave us these main takeaways: She spoke of how informative it was to learn how today’s youngsters see the world of work. She also brought up how great it felt to offer the participants encouragement… And finally, the value of an opportunity to tell the story of her career and all the different jobs she’s had. How it all led her to find her dream position at the head of her own social media company. Not to mention how far removed today’s dream is from 14-year-old Paula’s career plans!


The Final Word…A pen sat atop a blue ruled notebook, both on a wooden surface.

It’s easy for us to tell how much of a blast Paula had on these mentoring days. What’s more, the participants seem to have gained a lot of knowledge from the sessions too. So, no matter if you’re a school looking to better prepare your students for the world of work, or an employer who feels they can help the next generation, Seek Social would strongly recommend getting in touch with the Salford Foundation and making some enquiries!

Likewise, if you’re a business or a new startup and you feel like you need some assistance getting your digital marketing strategy just right… Contact the web design, social media marketing and SEO expert in Bury, Seek Social. You can reach out to us by phone on 0161 761 1800, or email to hello@seeksocial.co.uk. Visit us in person at our new office at 19 Broad St. in Bury… Or alternatively, reach out to us over Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!