Seek Social Talks SEO Optimisation, Part 2!

Seek Social Talks SEO Optimisation, Part 2!

Hello again folks! The best digital agency Bury can boast are back again with more SEO optimisation pointers… Last week we covered the basics of good SEO optimisation and the impact that your web design choices and social media marketing strategy can have on your Google ranking. We also mentioned Google Analytics and talked through how to properly measure your SEO optimisation success…


In that blog we also talked about keywords, and the importance of words on your SEO optimisation campaign. This week, the team at the top digital agency Bury has to offer are going to move on to another technique that good SEO optimisation providers need to master – link building. Link building is exactly what it sounds like… The act of creating web links between your website and another. ‘But, why are navigational links are important to SEO optimisation?’, we hear you cry…  Well, lets say that your web design team add a new page to your website. The easiest way for Google to discover and ‘read’ that new page for the first time is via a link. In addition, for a long time now search engines have also looked upon certain links as ‘votes of confidence’… As evidence that your page or site knows what it is talking about.



A handshake set against a city-scape background.E-A-T it up!

Search engines want to present the user with exactly what they’re looking for on the first click, every time. Actually doing this is impossible, but the closer to perfection they can be, the better. In their attempt, search engines use 2 types of links – ‘Follow’ and ‘NoFollow’ – and essentially play the averages game. ‘Follow’ links carry E-A-T (‘Expert, Authoritative, Trustworthy’) value, and these are the ‘votes of confidence’ we spoke about earlier. The more ‘follow’ links a page or a site has, the higher its ‘Page Authority’ or ‘Domain Authority’ becomes. The higher this score, the more Google trusts the page or site to be a reputable source of information regarding a given keyword.

The top digital agency Bury has to offer know that increasing your PA and DA should be part of any good SEO optimisation plan. This is because Google DOES take PA and DA into account when organising its rankings. In fact, we work on backlinks every bit as much as we do keywords and written content when carrying out SEO optimisation jobs, if not more!


To follow, or not to follow, that is the question…

But that’s just one type of link – we also mentioned ‘NoFollow’ links above. ‘NoFollow’ links have no E-A-T value, and will not help your PA or DA. Essentially they are a way of telling Google’s reading software “Hey, I found this, but I don’t know how trustworthy it is”. The lack of E-A-T value might make you think that ‘NoFollow’ links are useless then… However, the team at the number one digital agency Bury has to offer know that this is not the case. NoFollow links don’t help PA or DA, but they do still get human eyes to look at your page… If one of those humans then chooses to add a ‘Follow’ link from their site to yours, then in the opinion of our web design and SEO optimisation team, the NoFollow link has done its job.


A neon sign of the Google logo against a corrugated metal background.Applied backlinking

So, now you know what backlinking is and what it does for your SEO optimisation. That means there’s really only one thing left to address… How exactly you go about creating those backlinks. In reality, it helps to be a bit selfish here. Whether it’s a Follow or a NoFollow, every link you can get helps. If you can do a bit of forward planning and bake backlinking opportunities into your site during the web design stage too, then so much the better! It doesn’t stop there though… The best digital agency Bury has know that you should also be linking to your pages regularly in your social media marketing content. True, these are usually NoFollow links… However, as we mentioned before – each Nofollow is a chance at a Follow further down the line…

Seriously, we love SEO optimisation and we could go on about it all day. However, we know you’re busy people, so if you’d like to talk more about SEO optimisation and how it relates to your business, feel free to get in touch through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, to call us on 0161 761 1800, or visit us at our office on Broad Street in Bury. Likewise, if you need help with web design or a social media marketing campaign and you want award-winning assistance, you should get in touch with us today!