SEO and Blogging – How to Get to the Top of the Rankings in 2020

SEO and Blogging – How to Get to the Top of the Rankings in 2020

The Internet is a fast moving place… Trends and platforms come and go – remember Napster, AIM, MySpace etc.? Running a full service digital agency, we’ve certainly seen a lot of things have their fifteen minutes of fame over the years. One thing that has stood the test of time though, is blogging. It’s been around for years and it’s still an important ingredient in your SEO strategy UK. This week the SEO expert team at Seek Social – Bury’s only full service digital agency, and a digital marketing company UK businesses can trust to get their SEO right – will show you the things you need to be doing in order to create a blog that will boost your overall SEO efforts.


Know Your TopicA white laptop on a white table showing the Google homepage. A potted plant in the background.

This may seem like it goes without saying, however… You do need to know what you’re blogging about. Bury’s only full service digital agency told you only last week how important preparation was. Our SEO expert team can now back that up by telling you that at least a quarter to a third of the total time it takes us to write a blog is spent on research.

That amount of time doesn’t decrease even when we’re talking about SEO, or another of our areas of expertise. Even if you’re specifically targeting newcomers to your topic, an already-knowledgeable audience should still show up whether you want them to or not. If they don’t like what they see in your blog, they click away and leave – adding to your ‘Bounce Rate’… An SEO expert or a digital marketing company UK clients can count on will tell you that a high Bounce Rate is a bad thing for SEO. It’s a key marker for search engines that you aren’t a reputable source of knowledge about your topic. So, engines will rank you down if that’s what the data tells them.


Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience can really help on many fronts too. By identifying your audience you can make sure you’re writing in the right style and talking about the sub-topics within your niche that are relevant to them. All of this could help you grow organically through sheer quality of content. However, any good full service digital agency or SEO expert also knows that knowledge like this makes keyword research (and therefore SEO) easier too.


SEO Needs to Optimise for Click-through Rate (CTR) and ‘Dwell Time’

Having a high Click-Through Rate and dwell time signifies that people are 1) clicking your link, and 2) staying on your page. Our SEO expert team know that these are two BIG indicators for search engines (especially Google) that your content is reputable… That your page delivers on it’s promises and is useful to the people that visit it. As a digital marketing company UK businesses can count on, the top full service digital agency in Bury well know the tactics that let you perform SEO with a focus on CTR and dwell time. Like other areas of SEO, it’s something of a dark art… However, what we’ve found to work is creating engaging content that attracts and hooks a reader in. You need to entice them to read more, while also being upfront about what your piece of content offers and what the benefits of reading it are.


The Multi-channel Approach

Don’t forget that your blog isn’t the only place you can promote your blog… Each post is a web page like any other, and as a result blogs are easily shared as links. Bury’s top full service digital agency use this multi-channel approach ourselves. We post about our blogs on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter… We share it via e-mail marketing too (amongst other things). The important takeaway here? As a good SEO expert will tell you – traffic is a good thing, and the more of it that you can attract, the more it will help your SEO efforts.


A close up of a wordpress blog creation page, focusing on the words 'Add New Post'Guest Posting and SEO

Another option is guest posting. This is when another blogger from an external source writes a piece for your site. That might seem like a strange thing to do, however, guest bloggers do have their uses. For example, if you’re touching on subjects on the fringes of your niche, a guest blogger who’s an expert in the field could bring more credibility to your blog than a post you wrote yourself.

From a strictly SEO viewpoint however, the SEO expert team at Seek Social – your leading full service digital agency, and a digital marketing company UK businesspeople put their faith in – know that the value in guest blogging is in the backlinks it generates for the guest. Think about it… A guest blog elsewhere online is the perfect chance to give a shoutout and link back to your usual home. This creates a backlink to your site, and backlinks (especially ones on reputable sites) are really good for SEO…


And if you’re looking for a guest blogger….

Yes… it’s a bit of a shameless plug, but guest blogging is something that Bury’s only full service digital agency are looking to get into. So, if you need an SEO expert to explain SEO, or any of the other services Seek Social offer – get in touch! Likewise, if you have a digital marketing project to deliver, and you’d like the assistance of a professional digital marketing company UK or world wide… Call 0161 761 1800, email, or visit today!