Seek Social’s Seven Proactive Ways to Generate Customer Engagement!

Seek Social’s Seven Proactive Ways to Generate Customer Engagement!

This week, the Seek Social blog turns it’s focus once more to Facebook. We have already talked about the basics of securing customer engagement and customer feedback on Facebook… But what if you want to be more proactive in starting those conversations with your clientele? Well – these seven strategies should help you grab the bull by the horns, break the ice, and unlock all that lovely engagement that the platform has to offer!


Ask Fans to Make a Choice

People love to feel valued. Posting content that asks them to make a choice infers that you value their opinion on whatever the choice in question is… If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have asked! This ‘valued’ feeling often pushes your customers to provide you with opportunities for customer engagement, in the form of their answers. Controversial topics are fine to use for this and can really pay off with lots of Facebook engagement when done right. However, be wary of going too far with this… Too much controversy can attract trolls, and before you know it instead of generating customer engagement you’re hosting a shouting match on your business page. Seek Social’s advice? Don’t feed the trolls under any circumstances, and just to play it safe, avoid politics altogether.


Solicit Fan Content

Don’t forget that everyone has a digital camera in their pocket these days. As a result, photos and other images can be taken and shared really easily. Seek Social recommend using this as another avenue for generating Facebook engagement. Ask your fans to submit their own relevant content to your page. A chance to have something of their own featured on a page they like will prompt many people to chip in and submit their efforts. Of course, each submission is an opportunity for customer engagement for you, and the author also has a chance to earn customer-to-customer feedback too, adding value for them as well!


Crowdsource Customer Feedback

Do you want to generate Facebook engagement and improve your content at the same time? Then ask for customer feedback! Again, this will make your audience feel valued and important to you. In turn, this makes them more likely to provide the customer engagement you’re looking for, as described earlier. However, in Seek Social’s opinion the best part is this: In addition to Facebook engagement, you’re also receiving tips on how you can improve your business. If you then act on that customer feedback too, you’re (very visibly) giving your customers what they want. And that’s never bad for business!


Ask a Question

In our Instagram engagement blog the Seek Social team said that asking for it was probably the easiest way to generate customer engagement. This holds true on Facebook too, but there is a bit of an art to it. If you frame your question in the context of a specific topic or thing, your audience are more likely to respond… it’s the difference between saying ‘talk to me about something’ and ‘talk to me about this’. If you do the hard work of finding a topic for them, all they have to do is say what they think. And making it easier for your audience means more customer feedback, and customer engagement for you!


Post a Quiz

The Seek Social team like to use logic. And since we’ve already told you that asking ONE question is good for Facebook engagement… Logically, many questions (in the form of a quiz) must be good too right? Right. With a quiz you still give that ‘valued’ feeling that promotes customer engagement as you’re still asking something… However, quizzes have a slightly different twist and dynamic to them. With a quiz, you are also throwing down a challenge. That challenge adds another opportunity to obtain Facebook engagement by letting your audience show off their results, or even through some friendly trash talk.


Take a Poll

Now, the Seek Social team like the open-ended format of a question, but what if that’s not for you? In that case, polls might be the way for you to get more Facebook engagement. Polls can be amazing sources of customer engagement and customer feedback because they combine many elements that we’ve already talked about into one post. You’re asking a question and making your audience feel valued. You’re asking them to make a choice by providing multiple answers. You’re giving them a chance to support whatever they vote for in the comments. All of these things mean more Facebook engagement for you…


Host Contests and Giveaways

The final stop on our journey through all things ‘question’, and a sure-fire way to generate customer engagement is to host a competition or giveaway. Here the value in your post is a tangible, real thing… it’s a prize that can be won. Since people (especially Seek Social) love to win things, people will enter, and provide you with Facebook engagement! Contests work even better if you can partner with another brand. Doing so might get you a prize at a discounted rate, and give you another avenue to promote your contest from, reaching a new audience and thereby creating even more potential for customer engagement!

So there you have it folks! Seek Social’s seven easy ways to generate customer engagement should certainly help your audience come out of their shell and have them interacting with you more. As ever though, if you’d like more personalised help then we’re happy to provide it… Just give us a call on 0161 761 1800, or visit us in person!