Sean C

Business Development

Sean C

At Seek Social Sean serves as our Business Development Manager, so if you’ve been looking for top quality digital marketing support and contacted Seek Social Sean may well have been at least one of the people you spoke to about it. As a UK national with a rich background of living in sunny Greece for the last four years, Sean brings a unique international perspective to our digital marketing agency. His journey began in hospitality, skillfully managing bars before breaking into the world of sales in 2020. Under the guidance of top Sales Consultants in the online space, Sean sharpened his skills in this area, and since December 2023 he’s been showcasing them as part of the Seek Social team.

Since becoming part of Seek Social Sean has found a welcoming environment, and sees the company as a place where he can really plant his roots and excel as a Sales Manager. Sean is renowned for his exceptional communication skills and an incredible ability to engage and connect with people – and the fact that a Texan once humorously remarked that he could “talk the hind legs off a Texas Mule” are testament to both these abilities, and his general charm and approachability.

All of this means that for us at Seek Social Sean is much more than just a point of contact; he’s a great representative of the spirited values, dedication and dynamic approach that our people bring to digital marketing. Sean uses those qualities to build and maintain solid relationships with both new and existing clients, and ensure that their needs are met with the utmost professionalism and warmth.

Away from Seek Social Sean is an avid explorer of local cultures, frequently travelling across islands to sample various cuisines and drinks. A passionate gamer, he often unwinds with classic video games like Halo and spends lively evenings at Heavy Metal concerts with his friends. Sean’s diverse interests and vibrant personality shine through and enrich his interactions with others, and make him a treasured member of the Seek Social team.

To connect with Sean or discover more about SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketingweb development or any of the other digital marketing services that Seek Social offers, reach out to our team of experts using any of the contact details on our ‘’Contact Us’ page. Alternatively, you can also drop us a line on social media via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. And lastly, remember – when you choose to partner with Seek Social Sean and the rest of our team, you’re not just getting someone with the knowledge necessary to manage your digital marketing efforts, you’re gaining a partner who is committed to your success in the digital marketing sphere. Ready to see your business thrive? Get in touch with Sean today, and let his strategic insights and proactive approach make a significant impact on your digital marketing goals.