Mark JC

SEO & Content Writer

Mark JC

At Seek Social Mark is one of the unsung heroes behind our SEO operations. If you need someone to boost the authority of your website by building quality backlinks for it, then Mark is the man for the job – and that’s evident in how quickly after joining Seek Social Mark was essentially put in charge of our Offsite ‘Offpage’ SEO.

However, that’s just one part of his skillset – he is also highly knowledgeable when it comes to technical SEO, local and global on-page SEO, and webpage creation too. Having over four years of SEO experience he’s been in this industry a long time now, and over that time many different clients operating in many different niches have benefitted from that knowledge, and his overall passion for the craft of digital marketing.

Since joining Seek Social Mark has also begun to enjoy the variety and the different challenges that his roles present, and the sense of satisfaction that comes with providing quality service. This is something that comes from the effort and dedication that Mark puts into every task he does – so you can rest assured that when you choose to team up with Seek Social Mark will do his very best to give your website the boost that it deserves.

Outside of Seek Social Mark likes spending quality time with his partner and friends. Like many of us here at Seek Social, Mark is also into gaming – he often plays League of Legends with friends and also enjoys pouring long hours into Role Playing games or watching movies. That being said Mark does also like to spend time out and about – driving, visiting the beach and swimming are just some of the ways that he likes to unwind, and if he can find good places to relax and good food along the way too, then so much the better!

Want to get in touch with Mark or the rest of our team? Reach out to us using any of the contact details you’ll find on our ‘contact us’ page – or if you prefer, drop us a line on social media via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram!