Alicia B

Project Manager & Admin

Alicia B

An indispensable part of Seek Social Alicia’s project management responsibilities see her involved with every client and project that we’re working on in some capacity, often right the way through from the initial planning stages to the final outputs. Likewise, her administrative tasks include manning our general contact email address and phone lines, so if you’ve ever used these to reach out to Seek Social Alicia may well have been the person that you dealt with.

Either one of these roles could be termed as fundamental to the success of our digital marketing agency, and the fact that she tackles both at the same time means there can be no doubt – at Seek Social Alicia is a key contributor on our team, ‘keeping all of the plates spinning’ at once, and helping our creatives and developers to deliver sophisticated digital marketing solutions to our clients.

Whenever anyone contacts Seek Social’s support lines, they are likely to experience (and benefit from) Alicia’s prompt and efficient problem-solving skills. Just like the rest of the team here at Seek Social Alicia is dedicated to resolving any inquiries or issues that come up swiftly and effectively, and this commitment guarantees that each client receives exemplary service, reinforcing our reputation as a leading provider of digital marketing support such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, email marketing, web design, and more.

Likewise, Alicia’s role as a project manager is critical in maintaining the high standards and innovative solutions that Seek Social is known for. Her ability to efficiently manage projects, combined with her knack for engaging with clients on a personal level, makes her a priceless asset to any project. Add all of that to Alicia’s dedication, passion and expertise, and you get the perfect recipe for anyone looking to boost their digital marketing strategies and achieve exceptional results.

Away from
Seek Social Alicia maintains a passionate interest in automobiles. Her enthusiasm extends from vintage classics to the latest advances in automotive technology, providing her with a vast reservoir of knowledge that she enjoys sharing in conversations, whether they’re about project timelines at Seek Social or the latest car features.

Alicia truly embodies the Seek Social ethos by blending her professional expertise with her personal interests – and this synergy makes her an integral part of the Seek Social team. Her contributions go beyond merely managing projects; she significantly enhances the overall client experience, ensuring that every interaction with us is as enjoyable and effective as possible.

If you need to get in touch with Seek Social Alicia will likely be one of the people that you deal with the most, as we’ve said – especially if you’re using the details found on our ‘Contact Us’ page, Alternatively though, don’t forget that you can also send us a message on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Whether you’re initiating a new project or seeking assistance with an ongoing one, Alicia and our team are fully prepared to provide the support and solutions necessary for your success in digital marketing – and that means that within Seek Social Alicia is not just a contact; she is a fully-fledged partner in your digital marketing journey, ready to assist with her unique blend of skill, dedication and professionalism.