Social Media Marketing During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Social Media Marketing During The Coronavirus Outbreak

We’d be lying if we said we really wanted to cover something coronavirus-related this week. However, Paula raised a great point a couple of weeks ago in one of our daily team meetings on Zoom… She mentioned seeing a lot of people talking about how social media marketing – indeed marketing as a whole – has changed due to COVID-19, but very few people offering support and advice on how to market successfully during this outbreak.

This week, the number one social media agency in Bury are doing our bit to change that. Today, we’re bringing you what we believe are the four pillars of good social media marketing during the coronavirus outbreak. So, below are some great practical tips that will help you get things right during these trying times… And of course, do show these tips to your social marketing service provider if you outsource your social media marketing.


Man working on a laptop in his kitchenPillar One: Be Aware

Our first pillar is also – quite suitably – probably the most important one. The situation around COVID-19 changes daily, and its important to keep up with those changes. If you or your social marketing service provider are anything like Seek Social, the posts going out on your social feeds today were written at least two to four weeks ago. The situation in many individual places and indeed the whole world was markedly different then.

Because of these rapid changes, Seek Social – Bury’s top social media agency – have kept our scheduled posts under close scrutiny. We would also suggest that you (or your social marketing service provider if you outsource your social media marketing) do the same… Don’t let a poorly timed post catch you out and make your business look bad, uninformed, or uncaring.


Pillar Two: Be Mindful

That leads nicely into our next point. We all know that lockdown isn’t ‘fun’… However, for a number of reasons it can be much worse than that for a lot of people. This social media agency is therefore trying to be a source of good amidst all the bad news out there. Want to do the same? Try to present things in a positive manner in your social media marketing content. Emphasize how your products or services can help people, how they’re better than before in some way.

Likewise, don’t try too hard to sell with your social media marketing either… That could come across like you’re trying to take advantage or make light of the situation, and put your brand in a negative light. Instead, Seek Social are trying to make a point of letting our audience know that the services and expertise of our social media agency are still available, but without overusing things like FOMO or placing undue pressure on potential customers. It’s a fine line to walk, but one a good, professional social media service provider should be able to handle… And that’s just another reason to outsource your social media marketing to a professional social media agency like ourselves!


Pillar Three: Be Authentic

Being a source for good doesn’t mean that you have to bury your head in the sand though. Again, completely ignoring the new realities of life at the moment could well reflect badly on you. So, it’s okay to miss the pre-coronavirus days and look forward to their return, and to not be enjoying quarantine. As long as such social media marketing content is presented in a mindful, reasoned way, it really shows the human side of your business. Bury’s best social media agency know – as any good social marketing service provider should – that audiences love to see this side of your business. And as a result, people may well gravitate to you because of the authenticity you’re showing.


Pillar Four: Get Creative

Scrabble tiles on a wooden surface, arranged to spell 'Digital Marketing'Even major media outlets are having to wing it a bit these days. If it’s okay for Downing Street to hold press briefings via Zoom and the BBC to film news pieces in the canteen, nobody will be expecting ‘business as usual’ from smaller organisations like us, and you. Our social media agency has chosen to embrace these strange times and try some new things in all areas of our work… After all, with traffic and business down anyway, now is a great time to experiment with less risk! So, why not have your social media service provider or social media marketing team join us in getting creative?

Not everything you try is going to work, of course. Nevertheless, there are still lessons to be learned for any social media marketing professional or social marketing service provider, and knowledge to be carried into the future… Experience and knowledge that would have been more costly to earn under ‘regular’ circumstances.


And Finally…

Don’t forget that we’re all still working from home! That means we’re all still able to help your business out with advice and all of the services we provide. So if you’re looking for some support with social media marketing or any other area of digital marketing, call in the experts at Seek Social. We’re the number one digital marketing and social media agency in Greater Manchester, and we stand ready to help YOU… Reach out to us any time over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or call us on 0161 761 1800!