New Year, New Beginnings for Bury’s top Social Media Company!

New Year, New Beginnings for Bury’s top Social Media Company!

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and you really should) then this may not come as a shock to you, but… Seek Social – one of the top social media marketing companies in the UK – recently moved into a new office! The team behind the best social media marketing and SEO Bury has to offer are all really excited to start the new year in our new home. It’s our third new office in the last year, but already it feels like our own!


Two people sharing a desk as they work in an officeThe Vital Info Is As Follows…

The most crucial piece of information that you’ll need is our address. You can now find us at 19 Broad Street – so we’re still in the heart of Bury. That address might seem familiar to those of you used to visiting the top social media company in Bury… If it does, that’s because the new Seek Social HQ is right next door to our old office! We now provide the best social media marketing and SEO Bury has to offer from a former Age Concern shop near Kay Gardens.

The bricks and mortar around us have changed, but the ethos and values behind Seek Social have not. Our social media company will continue to supply you with honest, straightforward advice. We’ll show you how to boost your business’ online presence, and help you do it. We’ll also provide you with top-notch social media marketing, web design, and SEO Bury businesses can count on. All of that is essential to having an online presence that works as hard for your business as you do. Likewise, if you’re looking for some help defining your brand, logo creation, or graphic design – we can certainly help you!


The Method Behind One Of The Top Social Media Marketing Companies In The UK

We have an incredible team of creatives standing ready to assist you in many ways. We can provide your business (and your social media marketing strategy) with amazing graphics and written content that will get your message across in just the right way. This creative flair is always guided by your initial brief to us, and feedback on our work-in-progress. All of this is backed up by an expert team of I.T. professionals who will be responsible for the implementation of things such as new websites, webstores, app development, PPC campaign setup and more. Our system effectively gives Seek Social clients access to all of the services provided by a traditional in-house marketing department.

Partnering with Bury’s best social media company means you also get the best SEO Bury has to offer. So, we can help you maximise the exposure that all that great social media marketing content gets too… Not to mention your webstore… your social media pages, and more.

A gold sign, with 'Be Optimistic' written in red font.

Bury’s best social media company are well used to working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, we are especially competent at helping SME’s and startups perfect their social media marketing and overall digital marketing strategy, and have their SEO bury the competition. We’re an SME ourselves after all… We know the challenges the little guys face because we’ve been there ourselves. And now, as one of the top social media marketing companies in the UK we are in a position to help you find a route to success.

We’ve only been in the new office a few days at this point though, so things aren’t quite perfect yet… For instance, a selection of space heaters has to stave off the cold until our heating is fixed! Nevertheless, the Seek Social team are embracing this as a bonding exercise. We’re not letting a little adversity stop our social media company. Our clients expect a high standard of service and great social media marketing content – and we’re not going to let those standards slip.


And The New Office is Just The Start…

Paula, Dean, Luke and Tom are all back and hard at work too. And so far, teamwork is making the dream work. They’re not the only ones though, and indeed we have more big news to share with you next week. For now though, feel free to speculate wildly as to what our HR department have been up to… Enjoy the photos above from moving day, and on one final serious note, if you’re in town and you want to talk about some of the SEO, social media marketing or other services that we can provide – come see us in the office, or call 0161 761 1800!