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We are professional digital marketers with years of expertise in Pay-per-Click and Google AdWords management. Optimised traffic conversion, lead generation, and increased revenues—these and more can be yours with Seek Social.

Why Choose Seek Social as Your Google AdWords Management and PPC Company UK

Google certified experts in UK

Google Certified Experts

Our award-winning PPC and AdWords management agency are duly qualified to perform flexible solutions to paid advertising. We have a team of Google-certified experts who have comprehensive knowledge in creating high-value campaigns. With us, you can meet your short-term goals and drive more website traffic to enhance your online presence.

Google paid advertising UK

Pay as you Go

Your hard-earned money won’t go to waste when you have us to manage your paid advertising campaigns. Our Pay as you Go model for PPC and Google Ads strategies ensures that you only spend within your budget and requirements. As a trustworthy PPC Firm UK, we’re not in the business to rip off our fellow entrepreneurs. With us, you can enjoy more value for your money.

Detailed reporting: PPC service UK

Detailed Reporting

It is crucial to constantly monitor and review active campaigns so that they reach the right audience. We provide comprehensive reports of your strategy and are always ready to present relevant data and analysis. We believe in transparency and your right to information. Numbers don’t lie, and sharing performance metrics will help us arrive at PPC campaigns that win.

Methodological approach for Paid campaigns in United Kingdom

Methodical Approach to Paid Advertising

Over the years, we have developed several strategies for paid search that works. Seek Social offers Google paid campaign service UK following a proven method that can be tailored to suit your niche. A successful PPC campaign is not based on luck—it’s a result of careful planning and creativity. Structure and organisation are two elements of Pay per Click that we have mastered.

Seek Social’s Google Paid Advertising Approach


A/B Testing

One size does not fit every element of a PPC campaign. We implement stringent A/B testing using smart software that helps shape a unique strategy for your brand. This method provides quantifiable insights to guide us to arrive at a robust, results-driven campaign. With significant investment on the line, leaving anything to chance is not an option.


Bid Management

When you have multiple products or services, manually updating bids for each one can be cumbersome. Our Pay per click agency UK lets you worry less about this task because our bid management system will do the work for you. We utilise technology that ensures you are always on top of the competition.


Google Shopping Ads

According to Nasdaq, 95% of purchases by 2024 will be through eCommerce. Securing your spot in the market means optimising your Google Shopping Ads before everyone else. Our experts create attention-grabbing product listings along with your brand’s current promotions to ensure that you’re always a frontrunner in the business.


Remarketing Ads

Just because a visitor exits your site doesn’t mean they can’t be a potential customer. You can rely on our Google AdWords management service UK to develop a remarketing strategy that sparks their interest. Just a single click is what brings them back to your page—and it’s our specialty to ensure they stay the next time around.


Google Display Ads

Much like billboards or posters, Google Display Ads are tools that fortify your digital marketing plan. Our team of graphic designers can make creative and compelling ads that visually represent your products or services. These display advertisements are a great way to create a lasting impression on a customer’s mind.


Dynamic Ads

Did you know that you could opt-in to Google’s dynamic ad targeting? It lets Google crawl your website to create a search ad relevant to what the user is looking for. We know how to play on this automated feature to boost your online visibility and traffic. For Dynamic Search Ads, we have a few tricks up our sleeve.


Video Campaign

Incorporating video marketing to your PPC strategy is our forte to Seek Social. We have designed some of the most compelling video ads that paved the way for our clients to meet new end- customers and boost traffic. Our PPC team can shape a video campaign for your brand that sweeps the competition.


Paid Social

Your ad spending needs a balance of paid search and paid social to ensure that you are maximising your PPC ROI potential. We can help you find users based on demographics, providing a more effective conversion rate and lead generation. With paid social as part of your unique strategy, your audience can only get bigger.

Our certificates

Google partner certificate: Seek Social
Microsoft Adveritising Select Agency Partner Seek Social

Our Top PPC Agency UK

Can Deliver These PPC Services to Your Brand


Strategy Creation

Every successful Pay per Click campaign begins with a sound strategy. We will make sure your goals align with the sales funnel, from brand awareness to deliberation and purchase. Seek Social hews a tailored action plan for your ads, providing maximum returns for your investment.


Keyword and Competitor Analysis

Linking you to the right target audience is what we specialise in as digital marketers. We provide rigorous keyword research and analysis to put your online paid advertising in front of potential customers. We also use competitor cues to refine your unique strategy.


Paid Campaign Setup

We study the competition to lay the groundwork for your paid search ad campaign. From setting up the account to ad platform signups, analytics management and allocating the budget, we cover all the elements of your paid advertising strategy.

Paid campaign service UK

Accurate Tracking

Your ads are only useful in a digital marketing plan if you get the best conversion rates from them. By stringently monitoring your ad performance, we can enhance the strategy by staying away from what doesn’t work and focusing on what does.

Campaign review and optimization Paid campaign solution UK

Campaign Review and Optimisation

Once we get your ads live and running, we immediately proceed to management mode. Seek Social PPC experts work to maintain your ad conversion rates at an acceptable level. We will do anything required to keep your online advertising campaign at its best.

Convertion rate optimization PPC firm UK

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Raising your conversion rate is one of the top priorities in tailoring a PPC strategy. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a process of building sales without going over your ad budget. As your PPC Agency UK, Seek Social will enhance your CRO using our expertise.

Improved ROI/ROAS PPC company

Improve ROI/ROAS

Here’s one essential driving factor for every PPC campaign we curate: return on ad spend (ROAS) and return on investment (ROI). We work to maximise your capital by ensuring top ad performance at all times. With us running your campaign, your ads will always convert..

Service Areas for Our Acclaimed PPC Solutions

Our team of award-winning Pay Per Click and Google Ads experts have gained a substantial following across the United Kingdom. Although we are headquartered in Bury, we also cater to clients from anywhere within the country. We have helped pursue successful campaigns for businesses in Manchester, London, Essex, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Bristol, Birmingham, and more.

Happy Clients

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Mark Grainger

Paula and the team at Seek Social are a joy to work with. Responsive, extremely knowledgeable and approachable, they're dedicated to getting the best out of your SEO and PPC.

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Peter Northwood

I've been using Seek Social for a little over 6 months now and absolutely love what they are doing for the Inteligex business! We use them for SEO, PPC and Website Support/Development. Seek Social have reduced our customer CPA to the lowest we've ever seen, spun up a brand new website in less than a month and give step by step support on funnel management and conversion. I can thoroughly recommend Paula and her team, they are flexible, innovative thinkers and always have the best interests of my business at heart.

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