Using Active Engagement to Take Your Twitter to The Next Level!

Using Active Engagement to Take Your Twitter to The Next Level!

Following on from our blog de-mystifying the world of SEO, the leading digital agency in Bury are going to tackle another industry item this week – active engagement. When done correctly, active engagement can really help boost the results you see from social media marketing. So, if you seek social media excellence for your business, it’s something you need to be doing. However, ‘Active Engagement’ is another term that seems to have become confused and mixed in with other things. Fear not though, as Team Seek Social are here to once again set the record straight, with our definitive take on active engagement, and how to do it right on Twitter!


What is Active Engagement?

As this article from Social Media Explorer affirms, the notion that ‘active engagement’ is simply the amount of likes and retweets your posts generate is a fallacy. In truth, active engagement is what comes after this. If someone comes up to you on the street and says “I like cake”, you could brush them off without engaging them in conversation. This is effectively what companies that are only looking for likes and retweets from their social media marketing are doing. However that conversation, the ‘not ignoring’ your audience, is precisely what active engagement is. For an in-house Social Media Marketing Manager or digital agency to bury the competition, they need to be engaging with customers, fans, and prospective clients in this way.


What is Twitter?

Incredibly, Twitter has been around for THIRTEEN years now! Twitter started as a novel alternative to Facebook and MySpace (remember that?)… However, over the years it has grown into a key platform for social media marketing. As a result, if you seek social media dominance you need to be present on Twitter. You also need to have a large audience for your posts. Of course, we’d recommend you do this is by bringing in the number one digital agency in Bury – Seek Social.

We can take care of your active engagement on a day-to-day basis… We can also help steer your social media marketing in the right direction, and we can make sure the content behind that social media marketing resonates with your audience and provides opportunities for active engagement. Nevertheless, each of the Seek Social media content creation team will tell you the following truth… Whatever your goals for Twitter might be – and active engagement is just one possible target – the more followers you have, the better. To that end, whether you need help from the best digital agency in Bury to get where you want to be or you don’t, below you’ll find some helpful advice on how you can grow your Twitter audience most effectively…


Make Sure Your Bio is on Point.

That means you’ll need a good profile picture… The Seek Social media team’s advice is to find something that stands out and is easily identifiable, even at small sizes. Your Twitter handle and Twitter name should be short, simple and to the point too.


Next… Go Find People to Talk to!

This can be done using Twitter’s native search function or Tweetdeck. If you opt for the search bar you can use search operators to narrow down your searches even further. This will let you cut out everything but those posts that are most suitable for active engagement. Likewise, Tweetdeck will let you monitor various hashtags and other feeds in real time. This way you can jump in and snag those juicy active engagement opportunities before anyone else!


Then, Go Scratch Some Backs…

Social media marketing is no different from older forms of business. Free samples, discounts, and other freebies of one description or another have been used to grease the wheels in the past. Twitter’s commodity is follows. Spend a few minutes just finding new accounts to follow, because who knows, they might follow back… Especially if you follow our next tip…


One Last Word of Advice…

Take it from the best digital agency in Bury… When it comes to active engagement these three words are key: DON’T. BE. SHY. It is totally acceptable to ask for follows in the social media marketing world. You are networking here, it’s like exchanging business cards. The other guy is adding to his follower count, so it’s only fair that you should do so too!