The Number One Digital Agency In Bury Goes From Strength To Strength!

The Number One Digital Agency In Bury Goes From Strength To Strength!

Who Shot Mr. Burns… Who Shot Dirty Den Watts… Who Shot J.R…. They all pale in comparison to the mystery that the top digital agency Bury can boast left you with last week. Well, today, the waiting is over… After a week of what we’re sure was fever-pitch speculation, the time has come for the big reveal of Seek Social’s big news! The eagle-eyed amongst you might even have spotted a clue or two in the hero image for last week’s blog. Whether you did or you didn’t though, it’s now our pleasure to let the cat out of the bag, and let you know that the team at the best digital marketing agency UK can boast has grown. So if you’re looking for a social media marketing, web design or SEO expert in Bury, you now have two more awesome people to call upon!


A woman sat at a desk in front of a laptop, biting a pencil out of stress.Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Expanding our team is something that Seek Social have been looking into for a while. We absolutely love what we do… The problem was that our clients also loved the services that the number one digital agency Bury businesses trust provided to them. Our SEO expert and social media marketing teams were often snowed under. Seek Social therefore often found ourselves needing to deny prospective clients the services of the best digital agency Bury can count on. It wasn’t because we didn’t want to help, or we didn’t understand the work… We just didn’t have enough live bodies or hours in the day to take care of everyone.

Thankfully though, we no longer find ourselves in that position. Even better, our new arrivals are way more than ‘live bodies’ – they’re exceptionally talented individuals… Individuals who Seek Social feel can really help us take our social media company to the next level.


Without further ado then, lets introduce them!

First up we have Jodie… Jodie’s a digital and social media marketing veteran, joining the best digital agency in Bury as a Digital Marketing Specialist. She frequently works alongside fellow creatives Paula and Tom, writing social media posts and coming up with some amazing graphic designs for our social media company and our clients. Away from the office Jodie likes to sing and play the piano, while describing herself as a ‘musical theatre geek’.

Next up is John, who joins us as Seek Social’s new Business Development Manager. It’s his job to find and foster great relationships with new and existing clients. So, if you contact the best digital agency in Bury looking for an SEO expert, great social media marketing or any of the other services that we provide, you’ll likely be speaking to John at some point. When he’s not actively trying to keep us busy, John keeps himself busy by coaching a local Under-10’s football team. At home he also has a one-year-old ‘that likes to bump into things’ to keep him on his toes!

Of course, we’re very happy to welcome both John and Jodie into the Seek Social fold. We’re sure that alongside the existing web design, SEO expert and social media marketing talent we have in Dean, Paula, Tom and Luke, adding John and Jodie to the mix means that our social media company can continue to go from strength to strength, and continue to be the best digital agency in Bury!


And Finally…A group of people putting 'hands in' as a gesture of teamwork

Since we now have the extra people we needed on board, Seek Social can take on more work and help even more people! So, if you’re looking for an amazing new website, an SEO expert to help get that site to the top of the Google rankings, or some top-notch social media marketing to help your business make a splash online… Call the best digital agency Bury can boast – call Seek Social! You can reach out to us anytime on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by email to… During office hours you can also call us on 0161 761 1800 or visit our new office at 19 Broad Street in Bury.