Seek Social’s Seven Super Tools for Instagram Marketing!

Seek Social’s Seven Super Tools for Instagram Marketing!

This week Seek Social take time out to pass along some insider knowledge to all you SME owners… And we’re talking the kind of thing that usually only other social media companies in the UK and worldwide would know about. So read on, as our team fill you in on some of the best tools out there for Instagram marketing. We’ll even start off this list with one that we use ourselves… A tool we think EVERYONE should be using to make their Instagram marketing experience easier – whether you’re a professional social media marketing agency or a business owner providing your own social media marketing services. Are you ready? Then let’s begin!



Hootsuite is an intuitive, easy to use scheduling tool that will make planning your Instagram marketing content easy. As promised in the intro we use Hootsuite ourselves, as do a lot of other companies offering Social media marketing services. As a result we can vouch for its simple but effective, and easy to understand nature. For Seek Social, Hootsuite is the first step on the road to Instagram marketing success!



Firstly, we have covered Linktree in depth in a previous blog post… So be sure to check that post out too later on! In brief though, Linktree helps your chosen social media marketing agency add extra links to your Instagram bio. That lets you raise your Instagram marketing game five-fold compared to everyone who’s still getting by with the single link Instagram gives you by default.



Combin helps your Instagram Marketing effort by offering insights into your current audience. In short, it shows you how you (or the social media marketing agency providing your social media marketing services) can grow that audience organically. Know where your audience is located, what hashtags they use, and more… Then find like-minded people who haven’t connected with you yet. Get the same power social media companies in the UK and abroad have. All by installing Combin and linking it to your account!



Incite and be prepared for the growth that top quality social media marketing services can bring by using Socialrank. Feel like a professional social media marketing agency as you get insights into a variety of key data points and follower demographics. That’s just the kind of info we and other social media companies in the UK can see… And Socialrank also gives you the power to organise and filter your audience based on a number of metrics. The golden rule for anyone providing social media marketing services is to ‘give the people what they want’. Well, Socialrank is a very effective tool for doing just that!



Socialinsider is your agent in the competition’s ranks when it comes to Instagram marketing. This tool lets you see what your competition is doing with their own Instagram Marketing, what’s working for them, what isn’t and so on. The ability to look at historical data is really useful too. Using it, you can see what today’s Instagram marketing giants were doing back when they were your size, and have your social media marketing agency (or yourself, if you’re providing your own social media marketing services) adopt a similar approach. With Socialinsider, there’s no more need for guesswork!



Squarelovin is in our opinion the best tool out there for making use of user-generated content. Collate that great content, share it, and use it in your own Instagram marketing to show your fans some love! Squarelovin will help you find awesome content and forward it on easily… and you’ll also receive crucial analytics data that a social media marketing agency, or anyone providing social media marketing services should be aware of…



However, if you don’t want to be dealing with all of these Instagram Marketing tools individually, you’ll want to consider the last tool on our list. Icoosquare combines the scheduling capabilities of Hootsuite with the analytics of Socialrank and Combin. So, if you’re not signed up with a social media marketing agency and you’re providing your own social media marketing services, Iconosquare could offer you the most bang for your Instagram marketing buck!