Ryan Chippendale

Front End Developer

Ryan Chippendale

Another relative newcomer to Seek Social Ryan originally came to us as a result of the Kickstarter programme. He’s a member of our web development and design team – as such he works most often alongside Dean and Luke, and it’s part of his job to make the creative vision of our clients, designers and writers come to life as part of an actual functioning webpage. This is great for everyone involved as in Ryan’s own words, he loves ‘front-end’ work like this, and describes the satisfaction of walking a client through their new website and knowing that they’re loving what they see as a real highlight of his job.

Similarly, Ryan remarks that there’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing something that you’ve developed work as you intended – especially if it does so first time. However, if it doesn’t and there are bugs that need to be identified and fixed, Ryan’s more than okay with that too since he relishes the challenges like these that present themselves as part of his job, and really enjoys how a position as a developer makes you think.

Though it may not have been the original vision he had for his professional career, in his time at Seek Social Ryan nevertheless has certainly made the most of the circumstances and events life has sent his way. If you ask us, he’s the perfect fit not only for the role he finds himself in today, but also for the colleagues that he works alongside here – Seek Social Ryan and the rest of our team are a great combination. Away from work you’ll most likely find Ryan indulging another of his passions – 3D printing items, and the associated design work needed to take an item from idea, to drawing board, to reality.

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