Joel Bruty

Junior Content & SEO Writer

Joel Bruty

Since joining Seek Social Joel has shown immense promise as a member of our content team, where he helps Tom create and post content for ourselves and for our clients

Before coming to Seek Social Joel studied I.T. and computing during his time in college as he had an interest in programming and wanted to learn a modern trade – a down-to-earth and mature approach for a college student perhaps – but having worked with Joel for a while now we can tell you that these decisions don’t surprise us one bit. Having finished his studies both Joel and the Seek Social team see his role with us as the next logical progression in that journey – putting what he’s learned into practical use, and learning even more along the way.

We’re really happy to be the ones providing that opportunity, because we’ve seen that Joel is a great fit as a member of the Seek Social team. Like all of us he’s a highly efficient, diligent, and process-driven guy – which are also highly desirable skills for the work he’s doing – but on top of this Joel also has natural curiosity and a desire to learn and improve.

At Seek Social Joel has really demonstrated his strengths and taken to his role in the content team. Admittedly, content wasn’t originally something that may have been on his professional radar, but it’s something that our team thought he might have a talent for. Joel took that feedback on-board, stepped up to the challenge, and proved that that talent exists with the way he’s quickly understood and applied our content writing principles, and even grown to enjoy creating content for Seek Social and our clients.

Away from Seek Social Joel once again shows what a good fit he is here, as – like many of the Seek Social team – he’s a keen gamer, and has a definite interest in the world of information and technology.

Want to get in touch with Joel or the rest of our team? Reach out to us using any of the contact details you’ll find on our ‘contact us’ page – or if you prefer, drop us a line on social media via FacebookLinkedInTwitter, or Instagram!