Does Your SME Need Social Media Marketing or Web Design in Bury?

Does Your SME Need Social Media Marketing or Web Design in Bury?

Then you need to get in touch with Seek Social. We’re the web design and social media marketing experts in the heart of Bury!


We’re superstars of social media marketing…

Social media marketing is the art of advertising your business via social media. Seek Social will take various different parameters into account, to make your posts perfect for an online audience. From an SME startup to a nationwide corporation (or bigger), our people have the creativity and skills you need to get the results you want, and you can trust the specialists at Seek Social to pen the perfect post every time! So, no matter whether you need someone to handle your social media accounts, or you want some expert advice on how to make the most of your social media marketing opportunities – the Seek Social team are the people to call. However – social media marketing isn’t all we can do…


We’re the wizards of web design…

People can need web design services for all kinds of reasons. You could be a newer SME in need of a website… You could be rebranding… or looking for an experienced web design team to whip an under-performing site into shape. Whatever the catalyst, when you need web design, the Seek Social team are the people you need on your side. With a top-notch graphics team and crack implementation staff, Seek Social can provide quality solutions in all areas of the web design industry.


…but wait – there’s more!

Other services that Seek Social can provide include Search Engine Optimisation to make sure that your awesome new website from our web design team gets seen by as many people as possible (something that’s very important for an SME), and Active Online Engagement to make your social media marketing content even more effective (also really beneficial for an SME). Away from the ream of social media, we also provide logo design services, app development, and more. Not sure if what you need is covered by the Seek Social team’s skillset? Then why not take a look here for a full list of our services?


Why choose Seek Social?

Well, there’s our social media marketing and web design talents that we’ve already told you about… However, like great social media marketing content, we know that there’s more to great service than meets the eye. The Seek Social team take pride in treating our clients as individuals. Ideally, we’ll have met with you in person and gotten to know your business before beginning any social media marketing, web design or other projects together. With Seek Social there are no ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions. We provide bespoke answers to the unique web design and social media marketing challenges that your unique business faces.

Another plus point to the Seek Social experience is our team’s globetrotting past. Most of us hail from right here in the North West, but we’ve also lived and worked in various places worldwide.  These places include the U.S. (where we maintain an office), on the continent in Europe, as well as the middle east, and the far east. What does that mean for you? Well, no matter whether you’re an SME selling black puddings in Bury, a high end marque making Sports cars in Spain, or a multi-national giant selling tech support in Texas, Seek Social have the expertise to make sure that your website and your social media marketing content really resonates with your target audience.


Same great service as always, now in a new home…

Interested in how our team could help you? Then why not get in touch! You can reach Seek Social by phone on 0161 761 1800 (+44161 if dialling internationally), or by e-mail to ‘’. If you’re already in Bury or Greater Manchester though, why not come and see us at the amazing new Seek Social HQ – which you can find in Lester House Business Centre, 20 Broad Street, Bury BL9 0DA!