12 SMM Tips For 2021, With A Top Social Digital Agency!

12 SMM Tips For 2021, With A Top Social Digital Agency!

A microscope surrounded by slides marked with the logos of several popular social media platforms. The slide for Facebook is mounted under the microscope itself.Even though your social media marketing experts at Bury’s best social digital agency can hardly believe it, 2021 is not that far away now. If you want to boost your business’ presence and success on social media next year, the time to lay the groundwork for that success is now – and Seek Social are chipping in by offering these twelve tips and practices which you can start using today, to make sure you’re in prime position for the awesome 2021 that we all want!


So, join us now and let staff from a top social digital agency walk you through the things you need to be doing now in order to make next year YOUR year…


A Smartphone showing the Facebook signup page, in an open brown book-style case with an upturned pair of glasses resting on the visible side of the case. All of this is on a red surface.1: Make sure your business has a business profile

This might sound silly, but it’s something that you need to be aware of as you’re setting up that Facebook account for your business. For one thing, setting up a personal page for a business is technically against Facebook’s Terms of Service. However, Manchester’s leading social digital agency know that by doing so, you also miss out on vital analytics data that can help your business succeed on the platform. So, take that extra 30 seconds right at the start and make sure that you’re creating the right type of page – as the staff at this social digital agency can tell you, that’s 30 seconds well spent!


2: Set up page roles

The bigger your business, the more important this gets, but even for small businesses, setting up page roles is a matter of best practice. Page roles limit the ability to post content to your business page only to accounts that you’ve given permission to do so – thereby also limiting the ability to accidentally post off-brand personal content to your business account. Even better, the advice from this social digital agency is to team page roles up with a dedicated personal account that you only use for business – giving you an extra layer of security, and making it impossible to post on your business page from your actual personal profile!


3: Make sure that your contact details are complete, and accurate

Again, this seems like a pretty simple thing to mention, but you’d be surprised how many people leave fields blank, because they just want to get the page made and they don’t have certain details to hand. Bury’s leading social digital agency have seen this before so many times… ‘I’ll come back to it later’ they say, but they never do.


And that’s a mistake – because not only does this look unprofessional, and limit the ways in which certain customers can reach out to you, but as the SEO experts at our social digital agency can tell you – it can also have an adverse effect on your SEO. Google loves to see consistency, and in this case that means ‘the same address, phone number, email etc.’ wherever they are requested. Leaving your contact details incomplete in Facebook breaks that consistency, and can earn you a demotion in the Google rankings…


4: Post when your audience is onlineWhite and blue buttons featuring facebook logos and the 'like' icon scattered on a white surface

You don’t need Bury’s best social digital agency to tell you that if you post when your audience is online, you get more post reach (people seeing your post), and engagement (people liking, commenting or otherwise interacting with it) – but there is an art to this.


The key factor for driving customer engagement is to not get lost in the shuffle. You want your fans to receive your content ‘hot off the press’ so it spends time at the top of their feed (and so they get a notification to remind them that it’s there) – all while avoiding peak hours when your content could be drowned out by sheer volume of people all posting at once. The method Seek Social use here is to think ‘when in their day would people be looking at social media?’ and post around those times.


5: Include a ‘Call to Action’

People are more likely to do something if you’re pro-active and ask them to do it – it’s a natural response… And Bury’s best social digital agency know that the same rule applies with Facebook engagement. So, prompt your audience to leave that like or comment, remembering that it’s not an act of desperation. It’s a reminder to your fans to take care of something that they probably already want to do.


If you don’t want to rely on text though, or if you want that call to action to stand out a little more or be more immediate, Seek Social – again, a top social digital agency – know that you can use a ‘Call-to-Action Button’ as an alternative to plain text in your post. So, give them a go, and remember: ‘The squeaky wheel gets the grease’!


6: Engage with brands & people

Engagement is key to businesses finding success on Facebook. However, a mistake that Bury’s best social digital agency often see is companies not pursuing engagement enough. You can’t sit back and wait for engagement, it just won’t happen if you do that. Much like using call to action techniques, you have to be proactive. Get out there, get involved, spread the word about your existence and how awesome you are – because the harsh reality of Facebook is that no-one else is going to do it for you…


A woman wearing white, sat at a white desk using a white laptop browsing facebook. Two notebooks and plant pots on the desk, to the left of the laptop.7: Recycle high value posts

There’s nothing wrong with re-using an idea or a post if it has proven to be a success. Any good social digital agency will be doing it (including Seek Social), and there’s one big reason why. The golden rule for media has always been ‘Give the people what they want’, and if a post was successful, clearly it offered something that your audience wanted! You can’t do this every day of course, but it’s fine to dip into your archives and pull out a gem from the past every so often to bring people in – or back – to your Facebook page!


8: Share relevant images

As the old saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. And as the team at this social digital agency can tell you, those ‘thousand words’ are particularly useful when you’re working with a strict 1500 character limit (or less…). So, Seek Social would always recommend including an image with as many of your posts as possible. The more colourful or visually striking that image is, the better. You want something that will stop people scrolling, get them thinking, and prompt a response.


9: Embrace video, and going live

The experts at our social digital agency know that video posts – especially live video – can bring in an audience like few other types of post. You won’t need Hollywood-style production to generate a buzz on social media – but if you can make professional-looking videos then the advice from this social digital agency is to harness those skills and put them to work! And if you don’t have those skills? Embrace the dodgy sound, shaky camera work and people not knowing quite what to say, and make it part of your content’s charm!


10: Make Good Use of Facebook StoriesA backlit wall decoration of the Facebook wordmark, mounted on a textured wall.

Facebook stories are a great way to get around some of the issues traditional posts face on Facebook. For one, the way stories are presented puts them in a place where they can’t help but be seen – centrally positioned and right at the top of the feed… We’re sure you don’t need a social digital agency to tell you that being in this position means that Facebook stories occupy prime social media real estate. That being the case, stories can not only get you great exposure simply by being where they are – but when opened they enlarge and either take up the full display in the case of a smartphone, or dominate the computer screen.


As Bury’s best social digital agency though, Seek Social are also happy to shed light on an extra couple of bonuses that you might not have been aware of… For one – when using stories, because they’re not part of the regular feed, they aren’t subject to the Facebook algorithm which determines what content shows up in your feed, and where. This means that you could potentially reach more people (or even new audiences) by using stories – people that you can then introduce to your regular Facebook posts!


11: Harness the power of Facebook Groups

As Facebook has matured, it’s focused more on giving individuals the precise experience they want. Part of this has been the proliferation of Facebook groups – and as this social digital agency knows, groups are a great for boosting your chances of Digital Marketing success. You see, groups are a great place for people with similar interests or goals to hang out together. For a business, this means that if you can find the groups in which your target demographics hang out, you can join those groups and use them to talk to more of the people that are most likely to be interested in what you offer – all nicely concentrated in one place and contactable at the same time!


Woman smiling as she speaks into a loudspeaker.12: Make an emotional connection

This social digital agency will freely admit that it’s caused by a biological reaction, but if you can make an emotional connection with your audience via your content, you’re more likely to provoke a reaction in the form of engagement with your post. So, pull at those heartstrings, play on those fears, and let your likes and dislikes be known. On occasion, be polarising too in a good-natured way. Your amount of engagement on social media is sure to increase because of it.


Bonus Tip: Partner with an elite social digital agency, and let them do the hard work!

We know from experience that doing all of these things AND running a business (especially if you’re present on multiple social media platforms) can be tricky. If that’s the case for you, whatever kind of social media or digital marketing marketing support you need – whether it’s just some extra tips and advice, or you want us to provide full-on account management and take care of everything for you – Seek Social stand ready to assist. Get in touch with Bury’s top social digital agency today by calling us on 0161 761 1800, e-mailing us at ‘hello@seeksocial.co.uk’ or reaching out to us on Facebook!