Seek Social Talks SEO, Part 3 – The Link between Social Optimisation And SEO

Seek Social Talks SEO, Part 3 – The Link between Social Optimisation And SEO

The next step in Seek Social’s in-depth look at SEO involves social media. We’ve spoken before about how you can use your social media marketing content to help your SEO… Well today Bury’s top Social media company are going to tell you everything you need to know about social optimisation. So, join us and find out just how social media marketing and SEO are related… Discover the benefits of social media marketing and social optimisation as relates to your business (which aren’t just about SEO)… And learn how a digital marketing company like Seek Social can help you maximise those rewards!


Singer performing on stage, standing in a bright spotlight.How are SEO and your social media marketing content related?

We have already spoken about how you can help your website by linking to it in social media marketing content. However, Bury’s top social media company can tell you that this isn’t the only relation you’ll find between social media and SEO.

Often the platforms you – or your marketing company – use for social media marketing will have somewhere where you can see a selection of your friends’ friends. A good social media company will know that these sections are also places where your friends’ friends can see YOU. However, in order for that to happen you need to have an account on your platform of choice, and you need to be using it. What does this do? Well, it increases your potential reach and network on the platform, and with it your opportunities for social optimisation… In short, it puts your social media marketing content in front of more people. More people means more chance of a ‘follow’ backlink… More follow backlinks mean better Page Authority and Domain Authority… And improved PA and DA means you will start to rise up the rankings.

Each social media platform has its own native search tools. and you can be discovered using these too. In fact, Bury’s best digital marketing company know that social media users have many ways to come across you on their platforms of choice. As we mentioned before though, if you don’t have an account and someone to keep it active with daily social media marketing content – be it you or your chosen social media company – none of these social optimisation benefits will be coming your way.


What other benefits does social optimisation have for your business?

All of this social optimisation work should see you climbing the search rankings for your chosen keywords. It’s not the only benefit that this work can have however. The following are all good reasons why you want a digital marketing and social media company like ourselves beavering away on your behalf:

As a ‘side effect’ of social optimisation, you should also find that you’re generating more sales leads via social media. There’s nothing stopping you from selling to any leads that you deem suitable, or that shows an interest. The immediacy of social media also means that any feedback your audience has will reach you sooner. As a result you can act on your findings quicker, or get to work putting things right for any customers who had a bad experience (sadly, it does happen sometimes).

Don’t forget about the analytics data that social media platforms give you either. A good marketing company like Seek Social knows the power of this data. It lets you understand where your social media marketing material is succeeding and where it’s failing… In turn, this knowledge will help you implement good social optimisation for your website. It also lets you get to know who your typical customer is, and what they like about your business.


And finally…A woman standing in front of a brick wall, holding 2 thumbs up to the camera.

As we’ve said before, money talks. Social platforms currently offer the best return on investment of any advertising medium. This makes good social optimisation a great way of improving that ROI even further. It also makes an experienced social media company on your side an invaluable asset. An asset that can be beneficial to a number of areas of your business.

There are a lot more reasons than this of course, but for the social media marketing pros at Seek Social, the four factors we’ve listed above are the ones that really stand out. However, if you want a more personalised appraisal of how social optimisation, social media marketing and proper SEO services UK can help you, then call Bury’s best full service social media and marketing company – Seek Social!