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A flat image of the world with text on top reading " Facebook Marketing, How to know if it's right for you and how to get started"

Facebook Marketing – How to know if it’s right for you, and how to get started!

After a week’s hiatus the Seek Social blog is back! This week, the leading digital agency in Bury will be taking a look at the pros and cons of Facebook marketing. In today’s tome we’ll explain the ‘social optimisation for business’ process too. This process will let you hit the ground running no matter what […]

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twitter engagement

Using Active Engagement to Take Your Twitter to The Next Level!

Following on from our blog de-mystifying the world of SEO, the leading digital agency in Bury are going to tackle another industry item this week – active engagement. When done correctly, active engagement can really help boost the results you see from social media marketing. So, if you seek social media excellence for your business, […]

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A colourful image with a picture of a team working on marketing and analytics with text reading "Fantastic keywords and where to fin them" Need Seo in bury blog

Need SEO in Bury? Then call Seek Social!

These days, the first half-page of a Google search is the new high street. It’s the place to be if you want to see high traffic for your business. As a result, the higher you can rank on the various search engine services across the internet, the better. To rank better, you need your content […]

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Online advertising

Eight Reasons why You Should be Focusing on Online Advertising, Not Print…

Just like video killed the radio star, Facebook marketing and other forms of online advertising could soon kill more traditional advertising media such as TV, and even print… A few weeks ago we wrote a blog on the benefits of outsourcing your Facebook marketing and other online business content… Well, you can consider this week’s […]

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Instagram tools for marketing

Seek Social’s Seven Super Tools for Instagram Marketing!

This week Seek Social take time out to pass along some insider knowledge to all you SME owners… And we’re talking the kind of thing that usually only other social media companies in the UK and worldwide would know about. So read on, as our team fill you in on some of the best tools […]

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tips for social media videos

Seek Social’s general tips for YouTube, and social media videos:

We continue our look at all things video this week, bringing you another batch of tips for YouTube. We’ve already covered setting up your channel and laying the groundwork for ad campaigns, but what about the videos themselves? Well, in this week’s post we’ll be bringing you our most important do’s and don’ts for social […]

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A red background banner with various bits of text reading "YouTube, A whole new world away from the most viewed page. I promise you're not dreaming"

Preparation – the key to successful advertising on YouTube

We must have been bitten by the video bug at Seek Social, because following on from last week’s post about our new livestream, this week we’re going to turn our attention to the art of using YouTube for business, and advertising on YouTube. If you want to use video as a medium for business, then […]

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Introducing The Seek Social Facebook Live Stream!

It may have been a bit rough around the edges presentation-wise, and started with the stereotypical ‘is this thing on?’ moment, but last week saw us join the ranks of internet streamers, thanks to the first ever Seek Social Facebook Live stream! No Fortnite or Minecraft for us though… Just the latest in social media […]

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Outsource Social Media Marketing

Want to really make your Social Media Marketing strategy work? Outsource it!

Recently, the Seek Social Blog has given out plenty of advice on the kind of content you should be posting to a Social Media business account… However, this week we’re going to flip that on its head and indulge in a little shameless self-promotion. Why is that? Well, today we’re going to tell you why […]

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Instagram Insights

Getting the most from Instagram Insights

The Seek Social blog returns to our spiritual home of Instagram today, with another set of five social media tips that will help you use Instagram’s analytics suite – dubbed ‘Instagram Insights’ – to its fullest, and in the process get the most out of Instagram for business purposes. Before we get into the nitty […]

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A cartoon image of a person with a laptop in front of him and has analytics tools in his hands with blue text to the right of him reading "Branding and content marketing"

Creating Social Media Content for Your Business

A big part of what Seek Social does for our clients – and of course, ourselves – is creating Social Media Content. We create that content to the client’s brief so that it helps establish and define the online brand they want. Hopefully all that will lead to an increase in potential customer engagement, with […]

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Meet the team

The Team Behind the Best Web Design & Digital Marketing in Manchester

We’ve told you how Seek Social bring you the very best web design and digital marketing in Manchester… We’ve also told you what life is like at Seek Social… And today the time is right for you get to meet the people that live that life! Like any team, ours is made up of individuals […]

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social media and marketing sme

Does Your SME Need Social Media Marketing or Web Design in Bury?

Then you need to get in touch with Seek Social. We’re the web design and social media marketing experts in the heart of Bury!   Blog Table of Contents We’re superstars of social media marketing…We’re the wizards of web design……but wait – there’s more!Why choose Seek Social?Same great service as always, now in a new […]

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Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories Part 2 – The Seek Social Team’s Tips for Facebook Engagement!

Last week the Seek Social blog showed you why you should be using the ‘stories’ feature to boost your amount of Facebook engagement. What exactly should you be doing though? Well, this week we’re going to answer that very question… So sit back and relax, and let Seek Social tell you how you should be […]

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Facebook Stories

Boost your social media engagement with stories on Facebook, and help from Seek Social!

Just when you thought you were out… Seek Social pull you back into social media engagement and the juggernaut that is Facebook. This week’s a bit different though. Today we turn our focus away from traditional ‘on-page’ engagement to share how you should be using stories on Facebook.   Blog Table of Contents Stories on […]

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Facebook Engagement

The Seek Social Blog’s Facebook Engagement series – Part IV: The Final Flourish

Well folks, here it is – the fourth and final instalment in the Seek Social blog’s ‘Facebook engagement’ series. Today we bring you our final six social media tips, designed to generate more interaction between you and your customers and fans on Facebook. However, before we get started we’d like to remind you of two […]

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advanced facebook engagement

Social Media Engagement on Facebook: Seek Social’s Advanced Techniques

The Seek Social blog returns to what we know best this week – digital marketing. And in particular, we return to our series on how to improve your social media engagement on Facebook. Today we present you with five advanced Facebook techniques designed to make your engagement rate soar! Before we get to that though, […]

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Seek Social’s Five A Side Follies!

We’ve got something a bit different for you on the Seek Social blog this week… Since we’ve already told you all about Seek Social’s social media and digital marketing prowess, today we want to show you a bit more of the Seek Social team away from the office. We were proud to be invited to […]

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