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White text reading 'Google Analytics 101' on a background of various green hues - a green surface featuring green pieces of office equipment and stationery

Google Analytics 101: A Step By Step Guide by Your SEO Expert

This week, the SEO Expert team at Bury’s best digital marketing agency are going back to basics. We’ve told you how SEO can help your website, we’ve told you how there are insights to be gleaned from a myriad of reports and performance metrics that can help your business be a success online too, and […]

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Text Reading 'SEO + Stop Words - Everything You Need To Know' against a collage bacground of several generic app icons, all with a blue hue.

SEO And Stop Words – Everything You Need To Know

The top digital agency in Bury changes tack this week, to another of our core digital agency services – search engine optimisation, or SEO. In this blog we’re going to tell you all about ‘stop words’. What they are, how they affect your SEO and search engine ranking, and more. So, read on as the […]

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A smartphone showing the Twitter logo against a black background, next to white text reading 'social media marketing on Twitter 2020'

Social Media Marketing on Twitter – 6 Top Tips for 2020!

We’ve done Facebook…. We’ve done Instagram… So, now it’s time for the little blue bird’s time in the spotlight. Yep, this week Bury’s number one digital marketing company – Seek Social – take a closer look at Twitter. We’ll share the thoughts of our top-notch social media marketing team on the features to be using, […]

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A hand and forearm making a 'thumbs up' gesture on a sky blue background

Social Media Marketing on Facebook – 6 Top Tips for 2020!

Our expert social media marketing team are back once again with even more expert knowledge! Following on from last week’s post concerning Instagram, this week the leading digital marketing company in Bury shed light on the definitive social media platform – Facebook. So, if you want advice from a social media agency UK businesses can […]

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The instagram logo on a sky blue background and surrounded by polaroid photos, all behind text reading ''6 tips for Instagram in 2020'.

Social Media Marketing: 6 tips for Instagram in 2020!

Our Instagram community is very important to the Seek Social team. Bury’s top digital agency want our Instagram page to be as big as we can make it. During our efforts to make that happen we’ve found and developed a number of techniques that you too can use to boost your own Instagram community, and […]

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Hand drawn bacteria microbes against a blue background, with a post-it note reading 'Social Media Marketing during the corona virus'

Social Media Marketing During The Coronavirus Outbreak

We’d be lying if we said we really wanted to cover something coronavirus-related this week. However, Paula raised a great point a couple of weeks ago in one of our daily team meetings on Zoom… She mentioned seeing a lot of people talking about how social media marketing – indeed marketing as a whole – […]

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Text reading 'COVID-19's IMPACT' on a blue background with two coronavirus microbes to the bottom-left

COVID-19: Impact Analysis by a Full Service Digital Agency

In our blog three weeks ago Bury’s top full service digital agency wrote about the potential impact of coronavirus on the digital marketing industry. At that time we were ‘bracing ourselves for ‘the thick of our part of the outbreak’… Well, that time is here now – and along with it, real-world data. Having that […]

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A bar chart and line graph, both trending upwards, surrounded by text reading 'SEO Keyword Research: Applied Techniques'

Five Key Applied SEO Techniques

Last week, the SEO expert team at Bury’s only full service digital agency showed you how to find great keywords. That knowledge will really help your search engine optimization efforts and your ranking improve, but we’re not done just yet. We told you we’re passionate about SEO, and this week the Seek Social SEO expert […]

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An illustration of analytics reports and charts aganst a turquoise background

8 Key Points When Researching SEO Keywords

Keyword research is the crucial first step in any search engine optimization campaign. Get it right, and you’ve laid the foundations for success. Get it wrong, and your SEO campaign is likely doomed to failure before it even starts. How do you know if you’re doing it right though? A great question, but there’s no […]

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people sat on a giant laptop, reading various documents, on a blue backround with text reading 'Social Media Marketing & Coronavirus: How Is COVID-19 Affecting Our Industry?'

Social Media Marketing & Coronavirus: How Is COVID-19 Affecting Our Industry?

Coronavirus is all over the news these days, and rightly so. As we write this the UK is bracing itself for the thick of our country’s outbreak. Of course, we all know that China, Iran, and Italy have individually been the worst-hit countries. However, in global industries like social media marketing and search engine optimization […]

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A search engine and icons next to text reading 'SEO and blogging - how to get to the top of the rankings in 2020'

SEO and Blogging – How to Get to the Top of the Rankings in 2020

The Internet is a fast moving place… Trends and platforms come and go – remember Napster, AIM, MySpace etc.? Running a full service digital agency, we’ve certainly seen a lot of things have their fifteen minutes of fame over the years. One thing that has stood the test of time though, is blogging. It’s been […]

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A toy robot pointing to a blackboard reading 'social media, with a caption reading 'Benefits of Getting Social Media Marketing Right

Top Digital Agency Professionals Show You How to Get Social Media Marketing Right!

Social media is where Seek Social got started. Today, we’re proud and fortunate to be able to say that today we’ve become one of the social media companies UK businesses trust with their entire digital marketing strategies. A big part of that involves providing our clients with productive and vibrant social media business platforms. So, […]

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Text Reading 'Do You Seek UK SEO Dominsnce?' Sweat The Small Stuff!' The background is a soft-focus close up of a half-closed laptop.

Seek UK SEO Dominance? Sweat The Small Stuff!

This week the Seek Social blog returns to one of our favourite topics… As the top digital agency in Bury (and even the North-West), we’re used to providing great SEO optimization UK – and world – wide…. Seek Social know what it takes to deliver top-notch search engine optimization marketing services, web design and more, […]

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A starry background, black with white speckles (stars). The foreground is a broken, light blue Block capital text of SEEK SOCIAL. Underneath, in the same colour but full words reading the next generation.

Find your Feet in Digital Marketing at Bury’s Best Social Media Company!

We know it’s been awhile since our last blog, so sorry for the wait folks! The best social media company in Bury have been busy on a few top-secret projects that have had our content guys and SEO expert team really tied up of late. All will be revealed soon though… And of course we […]

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A starry background, black with white speckles (stars). The foreground is a broken, light blue Block capital text of SEEK SOCIAL. Underneath, in the same colour but full words reading the next generation.

Bury’s Top Social Media Company – Helping The Next Generation!

‘Star Trek: Picard’ started this week, and that got us thinking… Much like Jean-Luc Picard guided a young prodigy by the name of Wesley Crusher in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, the top social media company Bury has to offer are mentoring and nurturing the next batch of digital marketing talent. It’s a chance for […]

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A image of a yellow background with two robots greeting each other and text to the right of them reading "Meet Seek Social's new robots team members"

The Number One Digital Agency In Bury Goes From Strength To Strength!

Who Shot Mr. Burns… Who Shot Dirty Den Watts… Who Shot J.R…. They all pale in comparison to the mystery that the top digital agency Bury can boast left you with last week. Well, today, the waiting is over… After a week of what we’re sure was fever-pitch speculation, the time has come for the […]

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New year New office

New Year, New Beginnings for Bury’s top Social Media Company!

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and you really should) then this may not come as a shock to you, but… Seek Social – one of the top social media marketing companies in the UK – recently moved into a new office! The team behind the best social media marketing and SEO […]

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An image of a ruler balancing on a rubber with some text reading "measuring your social optimisation and SEO success"

Seek Social Talks SEO: Part 4 – Measuring Your SEO & Social Optimisation Success

Seek Social are back again with part four of our in-depth look at Search Engine Optimisation! In previous blogs we’ve already spoken about the basics of SEO, the art of link building, and social optimisation. This week the SEO expert team at the leading digital marketing company in Bury will move on to address a […]

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