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Practical and Strategic PPC Service London

Paid search is a vital digital marketing tool that maximises your brand’s performance on the market. For the best PPC Service in London, trust Seek Social to deliver what you need—high-value ads that enhance site traffic and return on investment (ROI).

Why Choose Seek Social

Google certified experts in London

Google Certified Pros

Seek Social is an award-winning PPC Company UK that provides flexible Pay per click services London for any business. Our team is composed of experts who are well-versed on Google AdWords, SEO, and other strategies that can get you more link clicks and site visits.

Affordable Google paid advertising UK

Pay as You Go Model

We know how digital marketing can be costly, which is why we apply a pay-as-you-go approach to Google paid advertising London. We will take your budget and needs into consideration to create the perfect campaign that checks all of your requirements.

Performance Oriented Digital Marketing in UK

Comprehensive Reporting

Our PPC Solutions London comes with detailed reports that inform whether each strategy is performing at the level that we promise. We regularly monitor PPC campaigns and improve anything that lags. We offer a proactive approach to paid search.

Methodological approach for Paid campaigns in United Kingdom

Targeted Approach

Our tailored solutions for your PPC needs enable your brand to reach the audience that matters most to you. We manage not only the content but also the strategic placement of your ads. With Seek Social, more value for your money is guaranteed.

The Seek Social PPC Service London Approach


A/B Testing

Split testing to ensure that we pick the best ad version

Helps allocate resources efficiently and prevents unnecessary risks

Higher ROI and return on ad-spending (ROAS)

PPC marketing and management services UK: Bid management

Bid Management

Eliminates the need for manual bid updates

Bid management system takes the worry off your shoulder

Enables effective ad placement and strategy


Google Shopping Ads

Optimised Google Shopping Ads to attract more customers

Streamlined product listings and promotions

Remarketing ads: Google pay per click services London

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing strategy to urge past visitors to revisit your website

Target ads based on user demographics and search

Google Display ads: Paid advertising services

Google Display Ads

Compelling and creative content

Highly visible ads for easy access to potential customers

Dynamic Ads management in UK

Dynamic Ads

Boosts brand visibility and site traffic

Optimise ads to match relevant user searches

Video Ads services in UK

Video Campaign

PPC Services London using creative video to attract an audience

Video campaign maximises ROI potential

Social media paid advertising campaigns UK

Paid Social

Lets you reach a bigger audience and enhance lead generation

Increased ROI and ROAS

Leading PPC Firm London Key Services


Strategy Creation

An active Pay per Click strategy aligns with your brand’s sales funnel. We take into account your tried and tested approach to sales and shape a sound PPC campaign around it. This way, you get tailored paid ads that significantly maximise results.


Competitor and Keyword Analysis

Our PPC Marketing London process includes analysing keywords and competitor strategies to determine how the users interact with the existing approach. It allows us to create unique and refined plans that fit your brand best.


Paid Campaign Setup

From the ad platform signup, accounts handling, analytics management, to budget allocation, we offer a full suite of services for your entire PPC campaign. Our experts work to organise your strategies and create a comprehensive plan.

Paid campaign service UK

Accurate Tracking

Improving the conversion rate of your paid ads are a top priority for our digital marketers. We do stringent monitoring of every advertisement’s performance to keep your PPC campaign running at all times.

Campaign review and optimization Paid campaign solution UK

Campaign Review and Optimisation

Part of our PPC Advertising London is the maintenance of metrics like site traffic and conversion rates at an acceptable level. We always aim for the best results. When a campaign declines, we immediately take action to bring it back up.

Convertion rate optimization PPC firm UK

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We offer tailored PPC ads that are designed to improve conversion rates for your brand. We ensure that you keep building sales without going above the budget. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is one of the industry know-how we have mastered.

Improved ROI/ROAS PPC company

Improve ROI/ROAS

Seek Social provides customised PPC plans that maximise the capital by guaranteeing satisfactory ROI and ROAS. With us as your pay-per-click managers, every ad and strategy will always convert at the pace and level we target.

Happy Clients

Graham Evans

Wow !! What can I say about Paula and the team at Seek Social. They are my now “Go To” company for any SEO or social media issues I may have. Knowledge 10/10 Professionalism 10/10 Ease of understanding 10/10 Friendliness 10/10 Trust me don’t bother shopping around just give Paula and the team a call or why not just inbox her here. Looking forward to much more interaction with Paula and the team. 

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Louise Cullen

I worked with Paula and her team to produce social media graphics and headers for a B2B campaign. The work produced was exactly what I was hoping for - beautifully designed graphics that fit our brand. Communication was smooth and timely with regular updates fitted to my schedule. I would 100% recommend Seek Social and would be more than happy to return to them for future projects

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