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Growl Films

Growl Films An image of two Apple devices displaying the growl films hosting home page on one device and a picture of a person interacting with some cables in another

The Challenge: When audiovisual production business Growl Films were looking for someone to build them an effective website so they could really show off who they are and what they do online, the Seek Social team stepped up to the plate. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: Seek Social not only stepped up, we went […]

Faith Lets Grow

Faith Lets Grow An image of four Apple devices that are displaying the faith let's grow home pages

The Challenge: Faith Lets Grow – a business providing hair products and hairpieces – were in the market for a new logo, a new website, and someone to provide ad hoc tech support. We’re pleased to tell you they entrusted these tasks to the experts at Seek Social. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: Firstly, […]

Direct Assist

Direct Assist An image of four Apple products are stood across the screen, which has a background, which is the same as what is displayed on the laptop (right). The laptop shows an analytics web page with a wave (frequency) graph central with two graphs. Blue and red. On the left hand side of this is a heart rate-looking monitor, which is orange, with an orange number underneath. 1,520. A calendar with a cog (blue) is underneath and the number 182 is under this. OIn the right hand side, set out very similar, is a green clock with the number 2,380 underneath and unfderneath is a yellow, crown-looking line graph with a number of 946 underneath. On the under-half it is split. THe smaller right hand side has a proggression, wheel (half) split into thirds. Yellow, Blue and Red (left-to-right). THe arrow points at the red and underneath the red is a blue number 52.19 and underneath the yellow is a green number reading 95.42. This is, also, shown on the phone, second on the left. Next to the meter is a bar graph, a green is above a purple and they are skinny, tracking data. Next to the green chart is the number 1,315 and next to the purple is 2,140. On the desktop screen,a man is shown fixing, what looks like cables in a server.

The Challenge: When Direct Assist needed a new site, Seek Social were on hand to build it for them, while also offering a great “one stop shop” for all aspects of digital marketing. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: Seek Social not only set Direct Assist up with a great new website incorporating all of […]

Admis Consultancy

Admis Consultancy A image of two pieces of white paper with both of them displaying the Admis Logo which is black

The Challenge: Change consultants Admis Consultancy were looking for a new website, and chose the digital marketing experts at Seek Social to provide their online home. In addition, they also wanted some help putting together some sleek PowerPoint designs for professional presenting purposes. The Seek Social digital marketing solutions: Seek Social were able to build […]