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MoovHomes An image of a white piece of paper with the moovhomes logo

The Challenge: Being a start up the owner of Moov Homes had a vision, but didn’t know where to start making it a reality. He had a very good business idea, but lacked that technical skill set to bring those ideas to life. That’s where Seek Social and our digital marketing expertise come in… The […]

Newtons Of Bury

Newtons Of Bury The word 'Newtons' on a white sheet of paper, against a light background.

The Challenge: Newton’s of Bury came to Seek Social in need of a brand new website for their co-working space. They also wanted a one-stop-shop experience that covered all of the digital marketing tasks relevant to them, and also some help creating and running an email marketing campaign, and marketing their business in general. The […]


Duoserve An image of four Apple devices displaying the duoserve homepage

The Challenge: When Duoserve came to Seek Social they were a new startup in the energy sector. They needed a website that would fit within their budget and someone to provide hosting. They also needed that website to help increase their brand’s online authenticity and credibility. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: Seek Social were […]

Bottega Santa Barbara

Bottega Santa Barbara An image of two Apple devices with an image of Bottega on one and a picture of source code on another device

The Challenge:  Bottega Santa Barbara are an Italian luxury swimming and sportswear brand, combining the comfort of sports clothing with attention to sustainability, and the uniqueness of high fashion – thereby giving its clients the possibility to wear a bespoke activewear with V.I.P experience. However, Bottega Santa Barbara did not have any digital marketing presence […]

Uplift Therapy

Uplift Therapy An image of two pieces of white paper with the Uplift Therapy on both papers

The Challenge: Uplift Therapy came to us looking for some help with branding. Seek Social once again stepped up to the plate and provided Uplift Therapy with everything they needed. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: The Seek Social graphic design team were heavily involved here, creating a new logo, business cards and leaflets for […]

Timeless Treatments

Timeless Treatments A picture that has four Apple devices all displaying the Timeless Treatments home page

The Challenge: When Timeless Treatments needed some help boosting their digital marketing results, the Seek Social team were the people they chose to provide that assistance. They needed the full “starter kit” of digital marketing tools – that is, a new website and social media support – and they also wanted some PPC assistance too. […]

PT Spotter

PT Spotter An image of two Apple devices with one showing the PT Spotter home page and another device with the picture of someone interacting with a server

The Challenge: PT Spotter is an app Service designed for personal trainers. When they wanted to increase brand awareness on their platforms, they came to the digital marketing experts at Seek Social. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: The Seek Social team created branded graphic designs for use on all of PT Spotter’s social media […]


Limetree An image of two Apple devices with limetree home page on one device and source code on another device

The Challenge: When Limetree London needed a new website to help boost the digital marketing success of their hand-crafted gifts business, they came to the Seek Social team. They also wanted this site to have a single port of call for maintenance and support. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: Seek Social were happy to […]

Hubris Global

Hubris Global An image of a piece of white paper with the hubris global logo in the middle

The Challenge: Hubris Global are an American wealth management company. Seek Social collaborate with Hubris Global to ensure that their vision and brand was accurately portrayed to their clients. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: Hubris Global wanted some revisions making to their existing logo, and Seek Social were happy to put those into place. […]