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Uplift Therapy

Uplift Therapy An image of two pieces of white paper with the Uplift Therapy on both papers

The Challenge: Uplift Therapy came to us looking for some help with branding. Seek Social once again stepped up to the plate and provided Uplift Therapy with everything they needed. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: The Seek Social graphic design team were heavily involved here, creating a new logo, business cards and leaflets for […]

Timeless Treatments

Timeless Treatments A picture that has four Apple devices all displaying the Timeless Treatments home page

The Challenge: When Timeless Treatments needed some help boosting their digital marketing results, the Seek Social team were the people they chose to provide that assistance. They needed the full “starter kit” of digital marketing tools – that is, a new website and social media support – and they also wanted some PPC assistance too. […]

This Is Paragon

This Is Paragon An image of four Apple devices that are displaying the This Is Paragon home page

The Challenge: Paragon are specialists in hospitality and event management, based in London. They contacted Seek Social looking for an entire suite of services to improve their digital marketing results, including the provision of a new website, SEO for that new website, and PPC campaigns. Seek Social is one of the few places where you […]

The Mortgage Specialists

The Mortgage Specialists An image of four Apple products are stood across the screen, which has a background, which is the same as what is displayed on the laptop (right). The laptop shows an analytics web page with a wave (frequency) graph central with two graphs. Blue and red. On the left hand side of this is a heart rate-looking monitor, which is orange, with an orange number underneath. 1,520. A calendar with a cog (blue) is underneath and the number 182 is under this. OIn the right hand side, set out very similar, is a green clock with the number 2,380 underneath and unfderneath is a yellow, crown-looking line graph with a number of 946 underneath. On the under-half it is split. THe smaller right hand side has a proggression, wheel (half) split into thirds. Yellow, Blue and Red (left-to-right). THe arrow points at the red and underneath the red is a blue number 52.19 and underneath the yellow is a green number reading 95.42. This is, also, shown on the phone, second on the left. Next to the meter is a bar graph, a green is above a purple and they are skinny, tracking data. Next to the green chart is the number 1,315 and next to the purple is 2,140. On the desktop screen, next too the laptop and mobile, is the Mortgage Specialists website, also shown on the tablet, far left.

The Challenge: The Mortgage Specialists wanted to increase brand awareness, attract customers to their mortgage and insurance business, and create a new look for the business. This goal called for a complete website and social media overhaul too, and to take on that task, the Mortgage Specialists chose Seek Social! The Seek Social digital marketing […]


SFM An image of a piece of white paper with the SFM logo

The Challenge: Surgery Facilities Management are based in London, offering their expert management services to the health care industry. They contacted Seek Social needing expert branding guidance, and help with producing a logo and marketing materials that better represents that brand and SFM’s range of services. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: Seek Social guided […]

PT Spotter

PT Spotter An image of two Apple devices with one showing the PT Spotter home page and another device with the picture of someone interacting with a server

The Challenge: PT Spotter is an app Service designed for personal trainers. When they wanted to increase brand awareness on their platforms, they came to the digital marketing experts at Seek Social. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: The Seek Social team created branded graphic designs for use on all of PT Spotter’s social media […]

Paragon BCL

Paragon BCL An image of four Apple devices that are displaying the paragon homepage.

The Challenge: Paragon BCL came to Seek Social needing multiple websites to be created, and a way to integrate a payment portal into their payment pages, as well as other support. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: Seek Social were not only able to come up with modern, striking designs for the website Paragon BCL […]


Mokanix An image of four Apple devices with the mokanix home page being displayed

The Challenge: Mokanix is an M2M SIM card provider, giving you the power to simply manage your smart IoT solutions. However, when they became unhappy with their previous digital marketing provider, Mokanix turned to Seek Social for help… The Seek Social digital marketing solution: The Seek Social team carried out a full audit of Mokanix’ […]