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Burlanes Interiors

Burlanes Interiors An image of two black pieces of paper with both of them showing the burlanes logo.

The Challenge: Burlanes are one of the leading interior design companies in the UK, and when they needed some to help with post-production editing of some images, and to deliver a high-end finished product on a short turnaround, they contacted Seek Social. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: Of course, Seek Social took the project […]

Buddy Bag Foundation

Buddy Bag Foundation An image of buddy bag's home page being displayed on an Apple device

The Challenge: Buddy Bag Foundation is a great initiative that seeks to provide backpacks of self-care items for children entering care, and other similar situations. Seek Social were honoured to receive the call when they needed assistance putting together a professional PowerPoint Presentation. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: The amazing graphic design team at […]

Admis Consultancy

Admis Consultancy A image of two pieces of white paper with both of them displaying the Admis Logo which is black

The Challenge: Change consultants Admis Consultancy were looking for a new website, and chose the digital marketing experts at Seek Social to provide their online home. In addition, they also wanted some help putting together some sleek PowerPoint designs for professional presenting purposes. The Seek Social digital marketing solutions: Seek Social were able to build […]