Watt Utilities

  • Watt Utilities


The Challenge:

Watt Utilities are the UK’s leading commercial energy and business utilities broker. They needed some functionality adding to their website, server support, and some optimisation work carrying out on their email marketing campaigns – streamlining the customer journey and thereby improving their digital marketing returns. They were also looking for someone to write daily blog content. For all of these tasks they opted for a one-stop-shop, by calling in Seek Social.

The Seek Social digital marketing solution:

The Seek Social team first helped Watt Utilities create a solid, positive customer journey for their email campaigns, and have created some great new email designs too. Seek Social also took on management duties for their website and are currently working on building the additional functionality they require into it. Lastly, our content team have been writing the daily blog content the Watt Utilities wanted too!


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