Martin Lynch

  • Martin Lynch


The Challenge:

I.T. consultant Martin Lynch specialises in service delivery and service lead, and with his latest project coming to an end, he wanted to update his C.V. Martin didn’t want to have leave out parts of his history of experience, but he also didn’t want the document to be too long. Faced with conundrum, he turned to Seek Social for help…

The Seek Social digital marketing solution:

Our content writing experts were able to help Martin redraft his C.V. We helped him retain all of the key information, skills and projects that he wanted included, while also keeping the length of the document down to an acceptable level. Seek Social were able to help Martin really sell himself and his skillset to new partners, rather than just listing off what he has done in the past.

The Client Said:

“I found Paula to be very professional and the standard of her work was great, I was impressed with the output, the cost was also reasonable for the effort that she has put in. I would recommend Paula”


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