Hubris Global

  • Hubris Global


The Challenge:

Hubris Global are an American wealth management company. Seek Social collaborate with Hubris Global to ensure that their vision and brand was accurately portrayed to their clients.

The Seek Social digital marketing solution:

Hubris Global wanted some revisions making to their existing logo, and Seek Social were happy to put those into place. In line with the spirit of the new logo, they also asked us to craft a new, modern website – and again Seek Social were able to do so while answering both the wants of their design brief, and the needs of their business.

The Client Said:

“I recently started working with Paula Braiden and her team at Seek Social Ltd to revise my company logo. I viewed this is an important task since it was the foundation of my emerging brand. I quickly realized that Paula also understood the importance of this task and much more. One of the first things that blew me away about Paula and her team is their holistic approach. As an entrepreneur, I am always thinking about how one thing will impact the next and it has been refreshing to partner with a team who also thinks this way. The next thing that jumped out at me is Seek Social’s superior customer service. I have dealt with several members of the team including Dean Braiden and Jordan Hutchinson and they have all shared my same level of concern with producing the best brand elements possible for my business. Paula and her team did such a great job with my company logo that I have now engaged them to create my website and a custom email signature. I now consider Paula and Seek Social Ltd my “go-to” marketing/branding resource. I highly recommend Paula Braiden of Seek Social Ltd for your marketing needs as she is responsive, a great listener and able to coordinate the necessary services throughout the rest of her team. Additionally, it is very clear when working with Paula that she will do whatever it takes to deliver as agreed upon. Lastly though and the reason why I will continue to be a client is the fact that Paula cares about my business as much as I do”


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