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The Challenge:

H&SC Business Solutions are a sister company to Seek Social clients HR&OD. They are Health & Social Care compliance experts based in the Midlands. When they came to Seek Social the only digital marketing setup they had was a website. They wanted us to bring their entire online presence up to speed and provide maintenance and tech support for it.

The Seek Social digital marketing solution

The Seek Social team got to work developing an all-new site for H&SC Business Solutions, with all the functionality they required. This site was of course backed up with full tech support from ourselves. We also reviewed and redrafted their online written content so that it would fit better with their brand identity, and advised the owner on how to write SEO-friendly content going forward. Thirdly, Seek Social’s content team wrote two months of social media posts to help H&SC Business Solutions gain digital marketing traction on Facebook and Twitter, and composed a new tagline to go alongside their existing logo.


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