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Power Through Basketball

Power Through Basketball An image of four Apple devices that are displaying the power through basketball home page

The Challenge: Power Through Basketball provides basketball skill development for boys and girls that want to be challenged… Participants get the chance to learn, and then to improve the skills that work in basketball and life. The problem was that they needed a website that people would be able to navigate easily and through which […]

Nettl Of Bury

Nettl Of Bury An image of four Apple products are stood across the screen, which has a background, which is the same as what is displayed on the laptop (right). The laptop shows an analytics web page with a wave (frequency) graph central with two graphs. Blue and red. On the left hand side of this is a heart rate-looking monitor, which is orange, with an orange number underneath. 1,520. A calendar with a cog (blue) is underneath and the number 182 is under this. OIn the right hand side, set out very similar, is a green clock with the number 2,380 underneath and unfderneath is a yellow, crown-looking line graph with a number of 946 underneath. On the under-half it is split. THe smaller right hand side has a proggression, wheel (half) split into thirds. Yellow, Blue and Red (left-to-right). THe arrow points at the red and underneath the red is a blue number 52.19 and underneath the yellow is a green number reading 95.42. This is, also, shown on the phone, second on the left. Next to the meter is a bar graph, a green is above a purple and they are skinny, tracking data. Next to the green chart is the number 1,315 and next to the purple is 2,140. On the desktop screen, next too the laptop and mobile, is the Nettl of Bury website (green), also shown on the tablet, far left.

The Challenge: Nettl are a great company to work with and provide some of the best printing services around, along with a lot of passion for what they do. However, digital marketing was a problem for them as they had limited experience with social media. So, when they wanted to increase their buying network via […]

Fab Fudge

Fab Fudge An image of four Apple devices displaying the Fab Fudge home page

The Challenge: Fab Fudge was created in August 2016, on the back of an idea to help fundraise for “Reboot Me With HSCT” – A Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser. Unfortunately, they were taken in by a less-than-reputable digital marketing company and were taken advantage of. Once they realised this, they came to Seek Social, needing us […]


MoovHomes An image of a white piece of paper with the moovhomes logo

The Challenge: Being a start up the owner of Moov Homes had a vision, but didn’t know where to start making it a reality. He had a very good business idea, but lacked that technical skill set to bring those ideas to life. That’s where Seek Social and our digital marketing expertise come in… The […]

Newtons Of Bury

Newtons Of Bury

The Challenge: Newton’s of Bury came to Seek Social in need of a brand new website for their co-working space. They also wanted a one-stop-shop experience that covered all of the digital marketing tasks relevant to them, and also some help creating and running an email marketing campaign, and marketing their business in general. The […]


Beaconforce An image of two pieces of white paper with the beaconforce logo being shown

The Challenge: Beaconforce combines AI and Behavioural Science to create workspaces that motivate people. They needed some advice on how they could better use social media platforms to enagage with their target audience, and increase brand awareness amongst their targeted digital marketing demographics. Seek Social were the team Beaconforce turned to, and we were happy […]


Unicef a white piece of paper with the Unicef logo being displayed

The Challenge: Seek Social are proud to say that we’ve worked with Unicef – in particular the Gender Equality Adolescence and Skills for Employability Division – who, when they needed a PowerPoint presentation updating and its design refining, came to us. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: The Seek Social team worked closely with a […]


MediCinema An image of a black piece of paper with medicinema logo being displayed.

The Challenge: MediCinema build, install and run cinema in places of caregiving patients and families alike a break from the ward through film. They contacted Seek Social with a graphic design project – needing edits to be made to an advert for a high-end brochure, on a very tight deadline. The Seek Social digital marketing […]

Cypress Homes

Cypress Homes An image of two pieces of white paper with the green cypress homes logo on both pieces of paper

The Challenge: Cypress Homes is a new business, started by a Real Estate inspector professional in San Antonio Texas. They are a residential construction business focusing on the greater San Antonio area, and at the time they came to Seek Social for help, all they had was the company name. They needed a logo that […]

Bloodhound Books

Bloodhound Books An image with four Apple devices showing the bloodhound books home page

The Challenge: Publishing company Bloodhound books contacted Seek Social looking for a new website, with the proviso that the new site be built using SquareSpace. Seek Social were up to the task, and indeed, we were chosen to take on the project. The Seek Social digital marketing solution: The web design experts at Seek Social […]