Need SEO in Bury? Then call Seek Social!

Need SEO in Bury? Then call Seek Social!

These days, the first half-page of a Google search is the new high street. It’s the place to be if you want to see high traffic for your business. As a result, the higher you can rank on the various search engine services across the internet, the better. To rank better, you need your content to better please the algorithms behind those search engine services. How do you do that though? Read on, as the SEO expert team at Seek Social reveal some of the secrets behind the SEO services they provide... Indeed, the best SEO in Bury!


First, a little about how search engine services work...

The key to great SEO, in Bury or elsewhere, is keyword selection and placement. The various search engine services on the web have software that will periodically ‘read’ your page. This software logs and ranks which words and phrases appear in it most frequently, understanding this as being ‘what your webpage is about'. As a result, it will tell the search engine to rank you higher for the text strings that appear most often (when people search for them). Want a given page to rank for the term ‘SEO expert’? Make a point of ensuring that the words 'SEO' and 'expert' appear together frequently in that page's content. If you do that, the following three things will happen... One - the search engine services’ reading software picks up on the phrase ‘SEO expert’ appearing often in the page, so... Two – it determines that ‘SEO expert’ is one of the things this page is about, and... Three - it tells the search engine to move you up the rankings for 'SEO expert'.

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"Seems easy enough, so why do I need an SEO expert?"

Well... because there are intricacies to all this. The software used by search engine services can identify text that is nothing but keywords, or badly written. Such pages are penalised in the rankings to avoid promoting so-called 'Black Hat SEO'. That is - SEO where the goal is to exploit the reading software, rather than provide useful content. SEO writers need to know where the sweet spot is between using the right keywords enough times, but not over using them. As such, writing for SEO is something of a specialist skill, and one that many businesses choose to outsource to an SEO expert. And for SEO in Bury, we’re proud to say that Seek Social is that SEO expert. We have a proven track record of getting our clients’ pages to rank on the first page of the search engine services that are important to them, for the keywords and keyphrases that are important to them.

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"Fair enough, so why should I outsource my SEO to Bury, and Seek Social?"

As part of our comprehensive service we generate our own SEO optimisation report. We use that report to guide your site up the rankings, and the SEO optimisation report isn’t hidden from you either. With Seek Social you know exactly what the team providing your SEO in Bury is doing to improve your standing with the various search engine services out there. We’d maintain that things like our SEO optimisation report, the years of experience that our SEO expert team bring to the table and our in-depth knowledge of what the algorithms behind the web’s search engine services are looking for, is what makes enlisting the help of Seek Social the smart choice for businesses looking for SEO in Bury. However, if you want to have a go yourself there are tools out there to help you...


"I might want to try it, tell me more..."

At the more basic end of the scale are things like Twitter (and Tweetdeck), Buzzfeed and Reddit. Make no mistake, using these natively won’t turn you into an SEO expert at all, but they are useful. These tools let you see what’s trending at the moment, and what’s popular in general by sheer volume of upvotes, likes, posts including hashtags etc.... That's the very first step in keyword research. The next step up from this is Google Trends. Trends lets you enter a given keyword (or set of keywords), then see and compare how popular they have been on the most popular of all the search engine services, over the course of the last year. This can be useful, but the people behind the best SEO in Bury still find it rather basic. Instead, our SEO expert team makes use of things like Keywords Everywhere and Keysearch. These tools will let you see monthly search volumes for your potential keyphrases, as well as suggesting alternatives.

It should be noted however that even having these tools isn’t enough to make you an SEO expert. Only once you have your keywords can the difficult task of composing your text begin… And that’s where a true SEO expert like the ones we have providing SEO in Bury really stands out. If you feel like your site would benefit from our expertise, or the insights that our SEO optimisation report can provide – drop us a line anytime, or visit us in the office if you prefer. We’ll close this week with a bit of a challenge though… without looking, can you guess what the keywords for this blog article were? (Scroll down to find out...)

Answer: ‘SEO Bury’, ‘SEO expert’, ‘SEO optimisation report’, and ‘search engine services’.