The Team Behind the Best Web Design & Digital Marketing in Manchester

The Team Behind the Best Web Design & Digital Marketing in Manchester

We’ve told you how Seek Social bring you the very best web design and digital marketing in Manchester… We’ve also told you what life is like at Seek Social… And today the time is right for you get to meet the people that live that life! Like any team, ours is made up of individuals that each bring something different to Seek Social and to the content we provide. So, who are these amazing people? What do they do here? What makes them tick? Ponder no more dear reader, as you’re about to meet the people behind our top-notch digital marketing services!


Let’s start at the very beginning…

Seek Social began with Dean and Paula, so that’s where we’ll start too. Dean is our lead tech guy and leads the crew providing Manchester’s best web design services. So if you need a website building, an app creating – or anything involving code for that matter – he’ll be involved. Out of office hours Dean’s also our resident Dungeon Master… As a result the Seek Social team find that keeping him sweet keeps our D+D characters alive too!


Paula’s job right now involves keeping the rest of us in line and busy, providing you guys with only the best web design and digital marketing in Manchester. Of all of us, she’s the one that finds and deals with clients the most, so if you’re in the market for digital marketing services, and you choose Seek Social to provide them, you’ll meet her pretty early on. Despite being the boss though, Paula still mucks in and gets her hands dirty with the rest of us whenever she can – putting her expert Photoshop skills to use creating awesome visuals for Seek Social, and our clients too.


…and things just grew from there!

Next to join Seek Social was Luke. He may only be 17 and learning his trade in the digital marketing services world, but we already know he’s got a real talent for the industry. Typically he operates as Dean’s right-hand man working on websites and implementation. However, when time permits he also helps us designers and creative types out, providing graphic design services for our digital marketing clients. He’s so passionate about his job that Luke puts his skills as a member of Manchester’s best web design team to work on websites of his own when he’s not here… While away from the office he also has a blossoming Esports career as a high-level Fortnite and FIFA player…


Jordan is on board as the Seek Social team’s graphics guru. His job involves creating stunning visuals for some of the best web design solutions and digital marketing in Manchester. If we’re being honest he’s probably got the most creative mind in the Seek Social office, as well as the skills to pay the bills and bring any concept to life. In short, the skills you need on your side if you need digital marketing services in Machester. Like Luke and myself he’s a keen gamer too, and takes on freelance design work in his spare time. Jordan also has a real eye for fashion. In fact, he’s currently working on his own clothing brand when not here at Seek Social!


And finally, there’s myself. I’m Tom, and at Seek Social I’m mostly responsible for written content, including this blog. I’m relatively new to digital marketing services, but I have years of writing experience behind me. When it comes to providing the best digital marketing in Manchester, my role is to create eye-catching social media posts that will still get your message across the right way, and tag lines that will make your new website the best web design project it can be.. Outside of work I volunteer for a local disability charity creating documents of all kinds. I’m also a huge motorsports fan and aspiring SimRacer, and I like to keep my graphic design skills sharp by designing liveries for race cars.


…so, there we all are!

Individually the Seek Social team have what Liam Neeson might call ‘a very particular set of skills’… However, each of us also has a real passion for the individual tasks that make up digital marketing services. By combining those talents you get some of the best web design and digital marketing in Manchester. Call us or visit our office to meet us and find out more!