Linktree Lets Your Instagram Bio Branch Out!

Linktree Lets Your Instagram Bio Branch Out!

When the Internet Gods created Instagram, they decreed that ‘there shall only be one link on your profile’. That’s always seemed a bit draconian to the Seek Social team. Speaking from experience as one of the many, many people who use the platform for business, going into our Instagram bio and changing that link two or three times a week was a little soul-destroying… But what if you could defy the will of the Internet Gods, and allow visitors to access multiple links via your Instagram bio? Well, get ready to meet Linktree, and put your best evil laugh to good use…


The functionality that Linktree will give you – quite simply the ability to have easy access to multiple links via your Instagram bio page – is a great thing for all kinds of users. From businesses to bloggers, artists and many more. Does your company have website and a blog like Seek Social? Do you have one amazing product that sells like hotcakes, but don’t want to neglect the rest of your store? Has your content creation process yielded something that you’re really proud of? Would you like to show that piece off even as you’re producing new things? Now you don’t need to choose… Both of them can share the big spotlight that comes free with your Instagram bio!


Once again, the Seek Social team can speak from experience when we tell you that the way Linktree works is simple… All you have to do is visit and sign up FOR FREE using your Instagram handle. Linktree will then give you a short-form link that you copy and paste into your Instagram bio. This is the one that will take visitors to your Linktree menu. Now, when you go back into the Linktree dashboard you’ll be able to put in all of the awesome links you want your visitors to see… And voila! Multiple links, all in one easy place on your Instagram bio!


There’s more though… Each link is trackable, so you can see exactly which ones are generating traffic for you, and which ones aren’t. They are also fully editable, so you can change the display order and swap links in and out at will. This is especially useful for us at Seek Social because our amazing content creation guys have new designs and content going up each week! As a result, we need to keep things fresh while also ensuring that everything gets it’s fair share of exposure. Linktree works really well for this, and now we can’t imagine managing our Instagram bio without it!


“I’m sold! What do I need to use Linktree?”


Nothing that you don’t already have… As we said before, you sign up for Linktree with your Instagram handle, and the link you get goes right in your Instagram bio. Everything is managed in the Linktree dashboard, which you can access via your browser or the Linktree app. From there it’s just a case of following your instincts – the software’s really intuitive to use and even for a mature account like the Seek Social Instagram page, it only took a few minutes to have it up and running. The hard part is choosing what you want to link to and the order you want to put them in. That really is dependent on your content creation schedule and priorities, but we at Seek Social think the experimentation you get to do here and the freedom to see what works – as well as what doesn’t – is part of the fun!