Kawsar Ahmed - Web Developer at Seek Social Ltd

Before joining Seek Social, Kawsar started his career as a freelance developer. During this time he worked on a diverse range of projects and accumulated a vast amount of experience with a number of development platforms. However, today we’re very proud to say that Kawsar is another dedicated development professional who we can call one of our own! Every single day he brings ten years of passion and experience in software and web development to work, and puts all of it into our clients’ various digital marketing projects.

Kawsar manages several cross-functional teams at Seek Social, helping us to stay organised, and – as he is primarily a development guy – helping us to create beautiful web applications & websites, including mobile apps. He takes the lead role on a number of these digital marketing projects, and is an invaluable part of our development and implementation operations here at Seek Social. On top of this, Kawsar keeps adding value to Seek Social via his unique outlook on software development methodology, leading ambitious projects in this area with expert precision and helping Seek Social stay at the cutting edge of digital marketing.

In his free time Kawsar enjoys reading books on fiction and poetry. His favourite book is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, and indeed, that’s what we call him at Seek Social. Reading’s not enough though, as Kawsar also dreams of forging a writing career one day too. Finally, he loves the spoken word just as much as the written one, as he can speak 5 languages (and wants to learn more!)

Want to get in touch with Kawsar or the rest of our team? Reach out to us using any of the contact details you’ll find on our ‘contact us’ page – or if you prefer, drop us a line on social media via FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!