5 Ways Website Optimization Experts Boost Online Marketing

5 Ways Website Optimization Experts Boost Online Marketing

A collage of various things website optimisation experts can use for SEO or devices that can desplay the internet, linked together with various lines and on a blue backgroundIn previous blogs the Seek Social team have spoken at length about the great work that our website optimization experts do for our clients. We’ve also offered many a marketing tip to our readers – either something aimed specifically at helping businesses succeed online, or some more traditional marketing wisdom. The one thing we haven’t yet addressed is how website optimization experts and your marketing team can work together to create amazing results, and how SEO can boost the results you see from your online marketing efforts. However, today is the day that we address that oversight, and show you how the two disciplines can work together to great effect…

Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

a black magnifying glass set on a flat turquoise surface1: Website optimization experts can make you more visible

We’ll be delving into some of the other benefits of hiring website optimization experts and having them perform great SEO on your site later in today’s blog – but lets not forget the primary task that a website optimization expert is looking to accomplish too… First and foremost they will be working to make your site more visible and more appealing to search engines – and that definitely can have big benefits for your business and marketing efforts.


If that site optimization work is done successfully, the end result will be your website moving up in the search engine rankings – and as the website optimization experts at Seek Social know, the closer you can get to the top of the list (especially if you can make page one, or more specifically the TOP of page one), the more traffic you’ll see on your site.


A warning-style sign with an image of a man walking in the centre, and the word 'Trust'2: Website optimization experts can make you more trustworthy

When we talk about ‘trust’ here, website optimization experts like the Seek Social team should know that there are in fact two different things to consider. One is how much faith the humans running web searches put in the websites they see at the top of the results they’re given, and the other is how much the search engines themselves believe that your various pages (and your site as a whole) are a reputable source of quality information.


The ultimate ‘dream’ goal for any search engine is to have anyone who runs a search find exactly what they’re looking for with the first result they click on. As any website optimization expert worth their salt will tell you, in each and every case the results that are returned for a given search term, and the order in which they are presented, is determined by an algorithm. Two of the many values that search engine algorithms track are called ‘Page Authority’ (or ‘P.A.’) and ‘Domain Authority’ (or ‘D.A.’).


‘Authority’ is essentially how much the search engine believes that a given page (and your web domain as a whole) ‘knows what it is talking about’, and trusts it to be a source of reputable, useful information. Pages and domains with high authority are seen as more likely to be relevant to a user’s search, and so a high P.A. and / or D.A. can positively influence where you sit in the rankings. Website optimization experts like ourselves are important here, because we know techniques that can help build authority for a given page or domain. With that page or domain’s authority comes a better reputation, more trust from the various search engines, and a better ranking.


We can’t ignore human behaviour here either. Humans trust that their search engine of choice does a good job, and that it will weed out malicious, fraudulent or otherwise harmful pages – at least from the top echelons of the results pages. As a result, humans have an implicit trust of the websites they find at the top of a search engine’s organic (i.e. non-paid) rankings… It’s that feeling of ‘if they were cowboys or con artists, they wouldn’t be there’. Because of this implicit trust, a website optimization expert can positively influence your reputation with possible clients – online and off – via their work.


3: Website optimization experts can get your customers where you want them to be

pink signs pointing out destinations on a sunny day, the ground covered in snow.Because they are able to influence where the various pages within a website rank, website optimization experts are also able to ‘direct traffic’ to a certain degree, and influence the routes people take – both to get to, and move around within – your website. Good website optimization experts have the ability to create awesome pages that Google and the other search engines will love. Pages that they will want to put towards the top of their rankings, and show to the human beings that you want to buy your products or services.


These pages are likely to be trusted by the people that click them – we discussed why in point two above – but their real job is to get the human beings ‘through the door’ and onto your site. Once there – just like you’d have signs in a supermarket showing people where the thing they want to buy is, as well as special offers and sales displays to motivate impulse buys – good website optimisation experts are able to use a mixture of web links to various ‘money pages’ on your site – as well as marketing techniques like calls to action and FOMO – to direct visitors on to places where they can spend money, and motivate them to do so.


5 wooden ducks in a row, each painted a different colour, standing against a white background.4: Website optimization experts can create a steady stream of new prospective customers and leads

As the Seek Social website optimization experts like to say ‘content is king’ in SEO – and as we’ve seen above, if you want to rank well then your site needs to provide real value to the people that visit it. The way you do that is through good content that has also been well optimised.


How can having a website optimization expert work on your content help your marketing efforts? Well, search engines love content that is always relevant, because there’s a constant stream of people searching for it. Sure, fidget spinners and Gangnam Style were huge back in their day – but those trends died off and nobody’s Googling them in 2020.  Instead, you want something that isn’t tied down to a particular point in time and is always useful – so called ‘evergreen content’.


If your website optimization expert can create a highly visible page for a product that people are always looking to buy, or tap into one of those search terms with a great piece of well-optimised content… BOOM – you’re on page one for a term that gets a high volume of searches right now, and that will also keep getting those searches as time goes on. That steady stream of searches can then translate into a steady stream of leads and business enquiries for you.


5: Website optimization experts can keep you in your customers’ minds

We’re sure in the past that just like the website optimisation experts at Seek Social, you too have been interested in buying a product or service from a company, not been ready to make a decision or a purchase there and then, but signed up to a website’s mailing list as a reminder to yourself. You may also have signed up after making a purchase to stay up to date with new products or offers that may be introduced.


A post-it note with a light bulb drawn on it, pinned to a cork noticeboard.As part of the ‘directing traffic’ work that we talked about in point three, one thing that a website optimisation expert can do is direct people to sign up to your newsletter – meaning that they will then get regular updates and reminders about your existence and their intention to buy from your email marketing efforts. Website optimization experts however, know that there are even more channels that they can be reached through too. Once they make that first search and click your link, you’re in their web history – and the following should hold true (at least until they clear their cache…):


Any time a user types a partial match to your website address or the search term they used to find you, they should show up as an autocomplete option. Because they’ve visited your site or performed a related search, if you’re running a PPC search engine or display network ad campaign your ads should be included in the marketing mix presented to them as they browse websites in general, and if you’re running YouTube ads they should see those too.


Just think of all of that repeat exposure that you don’t have to lift a finger for, all coming from a single search and click… All you have to do is earn that click in the first place. The way you do that is by having a website optimization expert work on your site,  so that it is trusted by both the search engines and the humans that use them, and so that your link is riding high in the rankings – ready and waiting when that click comes.