Eight Reasons why You Should be Focusing on Online Advertising, Not Print…

Eight Reasons why You Should be Focusing on Online Advertising, Not Print…

Just like video killed the radio star, Facebook marketing and other forms of online advertising could soon kill more traditional advertising media such as TV, and even print… A few weeks ago we wrote a blog on the benefits of outsourcing your Facebook marketing and other online business content… Well, you can consider this week’s blog as a spiritual successor to that post. As Google will tell you, we’re the best digital agency in Bury… And today, we’re here to tell you just why online advertising is the future for your business.


More Bang for Your Buck

Money talks. Always has, always will. So we’re going to start by talking in terms of cold, hard cash. According to research from America, advertising in the phone book or Yellow Pages will earn you one phone call for every $10 you spend. Put an ad in a national paper and the price goes up to $28 per call. Advertise online via Facebook marketing or other methods, with Search engine services like SEO provided by the best digital agency in Bury, and – on average – that number goes way down.

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More Exposure

The same research found that display ads like those found in newspapers had around a 1% conversion rate. Even worse, only 30% of people who received a phone book ever opened it. Contrast this with how often we are online these days, and it’s not hard to see why Facebook marketing and making yourself more visible on Search engine services is the more effective choice…


Universal Format

Facebook is a universal thing. No matter whether you’re McDonalds, or Ron McDonald from small town X, your Facebook pages have the same basic elements. This makes your business very relatable to customers who are also Facebook users. And guess what? Those are the very people you’re marketing to with Facebook marketing! The same sadly can’t be said about search engine services… For that you’re better off hiring the best digital agency Bury has to offer. Nevertheless, an added bonus to Facebook’s universal format is that it makes setting up a Facebook marketing page or account pretty easy, since you’re already familiar with the site!


More Freedom

Paying for advertising in print form usually locks you into a contract too. Not so with Facebook marketing, Search engine services like Google Ads, and other online advertising. These can usually be turned on or off at will, as and when they’re needed.


Easy Editability

Unlike traditional print media, the files you upload to form part of your Facebook marketing and your ads for search engine services are never truly final. They can always be tweaked and changed and re-uploaded. No need for a new print run, a costly last-minute amend, or timing things right so your ad stays relevant for as long as possible!


Easier Access to More Feedback

Especially with search engine services and Facebook marketing, Getting feedback on campaigns is quick and easy. Google Analytics and Facebook insights will tell you just what you did right or wrong… or if you’re outsourcing the work, your digital agency. Bury the competition by using that data to your advantage, or letting Seek Social – the best digital agency in Bury – do it for you


Easier to Maintain Relationships

With Facebook, marketing and staying in touch with your customers is easier because you’re always open to receiving messages. Customers can know when they’ve been read too, so they’re more informed as well. Likewise, it’s been proven that appearing at the top of the listings for Search Engine services like Google lends an air of trustworthiness to your brand. So, if you’re there at the top, even more people are more likely to contact you!

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Easy Access to Expert Advice

So, how do you get to the top of the rankings for search engine services? How do you make the most of the data you get from Facebook marketing? Easy! You put yourselves in the hands of the best digital agency in Bury, and let the Seek Social team guide you onwards and upwards!