Facebook Marketing – Taking The Next Step

Facebook Marketing – Taking The Next Step

Before we get started this week, we’d like to explain just why you should be taking the advice we offer… Just why we’re the people you want to talk to regarding your Facebook marketing, or social media marketing in general. You see, when it comes to social media companies UK law is fairly lax. Almost anyone who can post on social media can set one up and call themselves an expert. However, to find true expertise you should be looking for a full service digital agency like Seek Social.

From Facebook marketing and social media marketing in general, to web design and app development – The Seek Social team has at least one expert on hand for each of the services you could conceivably need to make your business a success online. Unlike other social media companies in the UK, a full service digital agency like ourselves are also certainly able to help you implement the features described below…


Taking your Facebook marketing page from basic to brilliant…

Now, on to today’s topic proper… If you’re following on from last week you’ll have already laid the groundwork for social media marketing success… But your Facebook marketing page is not yet everything that it could be. It’s basic. It’s personalised to your business, sure – but your page is just like everyone else’s too. Just a few apps and tools though can make your mom and pop shop stand out from the competition. Just like a full service digital agency stands out compared to other social media companies in the UK! (such humility – Ed.)


Cross-Platform Integration & Multimedia

You might want to make your Facebook page a hub for all of your social media marketing… Especially if you benefit from both Facebook marketing AND social media marketing on other platforms. You can definitely add your Twitter, Instagram or Pintrest feeds to your Facebook marketing page, helping create that ‘hub’ feel. However that’s not all. Got a Youtube Channel or a podcast? You can integrate those with Facebook too!


Audience Participation

Interacting with your audience is key to successful social media marketing. Any of the top-quality social media companies in the UK will tell you that. We call this interaction ‘Engagement’, and it’s something Seek Social have talked about in previous blogs. Likewise, any full service digital agency worth their salt knows that one of the best ways to get engagement is to use polls and contests. Why? Because everyone loves having their opinion heard, and everyone loves free stuff. So, why not add something like SurveyMonkey to your Facebook marketing page… Then sit back and watch as all that lovely lovely engagement starts to roll in!


Commerce is King

If the goal of your Facebook marketing and social media marketing efforts is to sell physical products and merchandise, you’re missing out if you don’t add a storefront to your page. Tools like Shopify can help you or your full service digital agency add this functionality to your page, and start making sales straight from Facebook!


Welcome Pages

This one requires writing HTML and having access to your media server. As a result it might not be something just any of the social media companies in the UK, or you one-man bands out there can do. You might need to ask a full service digital agency to take care of it. Nevertheless, a welcome page will really make your Facebook marketing page stand out compared to the competition. If you’re feeling adventurous and you have the access required, check out this video from John Loomer on how to do it… If not, you can always send it to your full service digital agency, as they’ll be able to handle it no problem!


Offline Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing isn’t an online-only thing. We know it’s a weird thing for a full service digital agency to say, but hear us out. Don’t forget that these days people have access to Facebook almost everywhere thanks to smartphones. You can capitalise on that by having some signage made up, reminding people to like your Facebook marketing page and get involved there. This signage doesn’t need to be everywhere, but when put in the right strategic places a little reminder can really work wonders!