The Seek Social Blog’s Facebook Engagement series – Part IV: The Final Flourish

The Seek Social Blog’s Facebook Engagement series – Part IV: The Final Flourish

Well folks, here it is – the fourth and final instalment in the Seek Social blog’s ‘Facebook engagement’ series. Today we bring you our final six social media tips, designed to generate more interaction between you and your customers and fans on Facebook. However, before we get started we’d like to remind you of two things: Firstly, don’t forget that these techniques can also be used to generate opportunities for engagement on social media across all your platforms… And secondly, don’t forget to check out our blog archive for more social media tips!


Share relevant images:

As the old saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. And those ‘thousand words’ are particularly useful when you’re working with a strict 1500 character limit (or less…). So, Seek Social would always recommend including an image with as many of your posts as possible. The more colourful or visually striking that image is, the better. You want something that will stop people scrolling, get them thinking, and prompt a response. (Which you can then use to generate Facebook engagement…)


Tap into trending topics:

In order to maximise the amount of Facebook engagement you’re getting, you need to be talking about what people are talking about. While you’re at work the world outside is still going on. Things are still happening, and they can all be used to fuel your engagement on social media. The Seek Social team’s advice is to tap into what’s trending and talk about that. Dropping a relevant and trending hashtag into your post while you’re at it will only make your content more visible, and increase the chances of it generating great Facebook engagement.


Go behind the scenes with live video:

Live video can bring in an audience (and Facebook engagement) like few other types of post. So much so that we are looking into ways we can show you Seek Social HQ live and in colour ourselves! The important thing to remember here is that your audience will know you’re not pros. You won’t need Hollywood-style production to generate engagement on social media, and your audience won’t expect them. Dodgy sound, shaky camera work and people not knowing quite what to say is part of the charm here. So, embrace your inner Ant & Dec and get in front of that camera!


Make an emotional connection:

Why do Seek Social think you should use the three social media tips we’ve just talked about? In order to use this one too! If you can make an emotional connection with your audience via your content, you’re more likely to see good Facebook engagement. So, pull at those heartstrings, play on those fears, and let your likes and dislikes be known. On occasion, be polarising too in a good-natured way. Your amount of engagement on social media is sure to increase because of it.


Share industry news:

You might have noticed Seek Social doing this, and you’re about to find out why… You see, one of the things you can add to your content to help your rate of Facebook engagement is regular sharing of industry news. In some cases it can help potential customers identify just what it is that you’re selling. In others, it lends gravitas and weight to what you’re saying in your own posts. Sometimes, you might just want to share your opinion on the news and ask your audience for theirs. There are so many ways in which you can use third-party news to solicit engagement on social media, and a number of different reactions for your audience to have that news – so have a play around and see what generates the most Facebook engagement for you!


Share content between your channels:

The next entry in this week’s array of social media tips harks back to last week’s Seek Social blog. Let’s say you strike gold with a post and it generates more Facebook engagement than expected… Firstly – as we mentioned last week – boost it on Facebook. And when you’ve boosted it, consider re-using the post on your other social media channels. You might have to shorten it to meet the character limits on other sites, but the important thing is to keep the message the same. Do that, and there’s no reason why a good Facebook engagement post shouldn’t also generate good engagement on social media across the all your channels.


And there you have it guys – the complete Seek Social Facebook engagement masterclass! It will stay available in its entirety via our blog archive, where you can also find social media tips for other platforms too… And of course, if you’d like some more personalised advice then don’t hesitate to call the Seek Social team on 0161 761 1800, or reach out over e-mail to ‘’!