Email Marketing Automation 101: Using Automated Emails to Drive Sales

Email Marketing Automation 101: Using Automated Emails to Drive Sales

We’ve talked about Facebook, we’ve talked about Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms and tools. Well, today the best digital agency in Bury are switching things up by moving on to Email Marketing. It’s another of the services we can provide, and in this week’s blog we’ll teach you the basics of email marketing automation. What it is, and why it can help your Email Marketing strategy – and your business – succeed!


An upwardly trending graph in black against a background of businesspeople in soft focus.What Is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation is a way of sending out important business emails to current or prospective customers. Ever get a confirmation email from a hotel right after booking online? How about an e-mail from an online store letting you know about a specific offer, or an item on your wishlist being on sale? Email marketing automation sends all of these. Make no mistake though, the top digital agency in Bury know that email marketing automation can help everyone succeed. From giants like Amazon, Best Western and Steam, all the way down to a small marketing company like ourselves.


How does Email Marketing Automation work?

People usually give you an email address when they sign up to your site… As a result you already have the one vital piece of their info that you need to set up email marketing automation successfully. The concept of the ‘trigger’ is key to how email marketing automation works. A trigger could occur at the user’s end or yours, and is essentially an event of some sort that you want to respond to with an email. For example:

An action by the user (e.g. completing a transaction)
An inaction by the user (e.g. not signing into the site for a defined period of time)
An offer (large-scale sales events, or smaller sales where the user has the item on a wishlist)
A regular newsletter
Seasonal greetings

Three envelopes flying into a mailbox marked with the @ symbol.

These triggers can be set up by yourself, your marketing company, or whoever is handling your email marketing strategy. The best digital agency in Bury also want to point out though, that a good marketing company such as ourselves should be able to find even more opportunities for email contact with your clientele.


How can Email Marketing Automation Help You?

Well, there are lots of ways. However, in the opinion of the best digital agency in Bury the main benefits are as follows: As the name suggests, email marketing automation essentially lets your email marketing strategy take care of itself. Your confirmations, thankyous, offer promos and more would all be sent out automatically. That lets you concentrate on other parts of your email marketing strategy or your business.

The regular and consistent sending of emails once certain triggers are met also has two big upsides… Firstly, the regular contact email marketing automation can provide offers you more opportunities to engage with your customers. Any decent marketing company should tell you that that’s a good thing (if you didn’t know that already). Secondly – your increased presence in their inbox should also be a comforting factor for your customers. It shows that you aren’t a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ company, and your emails are not spam. Make a good impression in this way, and you’ll probably see even more engagement with the emails you send… In turn leading to even more success for your email marketing strategy.


So there you have it…

…the basics of email marketing automation and the benefits it can have for your email marketing strategy – all explained by the ‘Most Outstanding Digital Marketing Firm of the Year, 2019 – North West’ according to SME News. That’s not all we can help you with though, so for even more award-winning advice call Seek Social – the number one marketing company and digital agency in Bury on 0161 761 1800. If you’re looking for something that we can’t provide however, we still might be able to help you. We’re proud to be affiliated with the great folks at The Best Of Bury, who have all the contacts you need to find quality, reputable services and tradespeople in Bury. So, no matter what you’re looking for, make them your first port of call!