Content Writing Strategies – The Art Of Good Headlines & Slogans

Content Writing Strategies – The Art Of Good Headlines & Slogans

For every person that reads a given piece of your social media marketing content, four more read the headline. An article’s title or headline, or your business’ slogan is what creates that crucial first impression upon which a customer makes their later decisions. As a result, getting these right is vital to your social media marketing efforts. However, there are more issues in play than just composition and style. Fear not though, as there are a number of content writing strategies out there that can help you pen the perfect preamble, and the leading team for social media marketing content creation and SEO in Bury are here to guide you too. So join Seek Social now, as we take you through the what and why of a great heading!


Keep It Short And Simple:

While it is certainly makes them more memorable – and therefore better for generation marketing, Seek social would also like to point out that keeping texts like these short also has other benefits. Shorter texts can leave you more room for things like a call to action... And that's important if you're up against a character limit. What’s more, it also feels less repetitive than longer taglines. This means that you can include a slogan more often in your social media marketing content without it becoming obvious and boring for your readers.


A crowd of white figurines, with one coloured in red.Consider your target Audience:

Again, while this too is a key factor in generation marketing, Seek Social would advise that you ALWAYS consider your target audience when writing social media marketing content, or the titles that go with them. That way you can use words, references, and other content writing strategies or call to action techniques that they would expect to see, while avoiding the ones that they might not.


It’s Not Just About The Words:

The team behind the best SEO in Bury also want to remind you that the words you write won’t only be judged on their stylistic merit. The various search engines out there will use your social media marketing headlines and slogans to rank your website too. So, if you want your SEO to bury the competition, we’d advocate baking a consideration for SEO into your social media marketing content writing strategies. Finally, don’t forget about the powerful subliminal reminder that is the call to action. A strong association between your tagline and a call to action might even cause a reader to remember to act whenever they see your slogan, rather than when they see the call to action… it’s the marketing equivalent of saying “Bless you!” when you hear a sneeze.


A fountain pen writing cursive text on a legal pad.Use of Stylistic Elements:

There are three specific content writing strategies that the team behind the best social media marketing content and SEO in Bury like to use to catch people’s attention. Alliteration is the strategy of stringing several similar sounds together to create a memorable turn of phrase. There is also the ‘Rule of Three’... A rule dictating that when listing off similar items or concepts, three is the optimum number of terms to use. Another alternative is the tactic of asking questions in your headline. These can really draw attention, especially if it’s a question that a reader has asked themselves, or an offer... Team these with a call to action and this formula can create headlines like “Want free stuff? Click here!” That’s a hard group of words to ignore…


Make It Timeless:

Especially if you want to harness the power of generation marketing Seek Social’s advice is to make your headings timeless. Avoid references to specific dates, cultural references or trends that pin a text down to a specific point in time. That way you create a piece of social media marketing content or a slogan that can never be overtly ‘outdated’. This is one of our favourite content writing strategies because it means our content is always relevant to someone.


Be Consistent:

Finally, a rule that sometimes you should ignore. This shouldn’t apply to call to action phrases – mixing things up there is a good thing. However, consistency in tone of voice and formatting in your blog headings, the way you lay out your social media marketing content, even the consistent use of some content writing strategies can lend an air of knowledge and professionalism to your material. That professional appearance can also boost your chances of success with generation marketing to Seek Social’s collective mind… So it’s a win-win situation in our opinion!

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