Brand Attributes: How Important are They?

Brand Attributes: How Important are They?

Brand attributes are inherent parts of your company’s brand. They can be likened to an individual’s characteristics or personality. For example, Coca-Cola’s brand attributes include excitement, joy, and happiness. Meanwhile, Apple’s brand personality revolves around innovation, imagination, and technology.

When customers experience your brand through its colors, fonts, images, etc., the brand attributes should shine through. Brand attributes are essential in developing a unique brand identity that makes you stand out in a highly competitive market.

Why are Brand Attributes Important?

The word ‘attribute’ comes from the words ‘ad’ and ‘tribuere’ which mean ‘to assign’. Ideally, brand attributes should be assigned to your brand from the very start. But why are brand attributes so important?

Many customers find it difficult to trust a brand that they just discovered. If you maintain an air of mystery, potential customers won’t learn about your company, and they will be unlikely to convert. Identifying brand attributes that will resonate with your target audience can help give your brand the respect and recognition that it requires.

Establishing your brand attributes also makes your company feel more authentic. Nearly 90% of consumers consider authenticity as a key factor in determining which brands to support. But here’s the problem: approximately 51% of consumers also feel like most brands aren’t being authentic.

So, how can brands show their authenticity? By practicing what they preach. For instance, kidswear brand Primary has successfully built a loyal customer base because of its strong brand attributes. The company is known for its deviation from stereotypical gender norms. Their brand attribute of inclusivity and representation shines through their products and their content. Primary uses bright colors on their social media channels, and regularly posts motivational quotes. All of these create the desired brand association of positivity, empowerment, playfulness, and more.

How Do You Develop Brand Attributes?How Do You Develop Brand Attributes?

If you haven’t established your brand’s personality, you should consider hiring a branding agency in the UK to help fine-tune your brand attributes. Here are five tips to keep in mind when identifying which characteristics are at the core of your business:

#1 Brand Positioning

Most business owners enter markets that are already competitive. The challenge is, where do you see your brand among the “big fish”? Whatever business you run, answering the following questions can help you figure out your brand attributes:

  • What do we do?
  • Who are our competitors?
  • How are we better than our competitors?
  • Who is our target market?
  • What solutions are we providing our customers?

#2 Relevance

Your brand should offer products and services that answer your target customer’s needs. Any brand needs to meet its customers’ expectations to remain relevant. If your products and services don’t solve a specific problem, people will not need them.

#3 Consistency

Consistency establishes trust. Make sure that your brand does not deviate from certain expectations. For example, if you’re a luxury brand, all of your marketing efforts should exude luxury and elegance. By maintaining consistency in your brand’s personality, your target audience will see you as reliable and dependable.

Consistency should also be apparent in your social media networks. Hiring a social media agency in the UK lets you maintain cohesiveness across all of your social media posts.

#4 Credibility

Your brand should stay true to its word. Let your customers know how you can help them, but don’t set unrealistic and exaggerated goals. When brands fail to deliver what they promised, they are likely to lose their customers’ trust.

#5 Uniqueness

A strong brand personality should be unique and unforgettable, helping distinguish your brand from the rest. Uniqueness should be seen in your brand’s products and services. Answering the question, “What makes your offerings so special?” can help you identify how your brand is unique from the others.

#6 Emotion

How do you want your customers to feel when they use your products? Every brand should invoke a certain emotional response, whether that’s hunger, relaxation, excitement, and so on. It’s crucial that the emotions your products and services create match your intended brand identity.

Remember, emotion should be consistent across all of your marketing strategies. This includes creating a website that invokes the same emotions through the clever use of colors, fonts, etc. a web design and development agency in the UK can help you design a website that works for your brand.

values#7 Value

Consider your product’s price point in comparison to other products. Brand identity, quality, and value should always go hand-in-hand. For example, if your products are made from high-quality, rare materials, your brand likely has a luxurious identity. As such, your pricing would be in a much higher range.


Before releasing your products and services to the world, you must identify your brand attributes. By doing such, you can develop a unique brand identity that will guide you in several aspects, such as identifying your target customers, determining the proper marketing strategies, and much more.

If you’re not quite sure how to identify your brand attributes, consider hiring a digital marketing agency today – and for more information on anything that we’ve talked about in today’s blog feel free to reach out to the Seek Social team over social media or by using the details you’ll find on our ‘contact us‘ page.