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Seek Social’s Intro to SEO Optimisation

The top digital agency Bury has to offer are back again, bringing you another feature series in our blog. Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a root-and-branch look at SEO optimisation… What it is, how it works, and how to do it well. Good SEO optimisation is every bit as important as inspiring […]

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email marketing

Email Marketing Automation 101: Using Automated Emails to Drive Sales

We’ve talked about Facebook, we’ve talked about Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms and tools. Well, today the best digital agency in Bury are switching things up by moving on to Email Marketing. It’s another of the services we can provide, and in this week’s blog we’ll teach you the basics of email marketing […]

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content writing strategies

Content Writing Strategies – The Art Of Good Headlines & Slogans

For every person that reads a given piece of your social media marketing content, four more read the headline. An article’s title or headline, or your business’ slogan is what creates that crucial first impression upon which a customer makes their later decisions. As a result, getting these right is vital to your social media […]

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instagram marketing

Instagram And Influence Marketing – Key Questions For Your Business

If you’re part of the YouTube generation, then you’ve no doubt heard the term ‘influencer’ being bandied around. Certainly any decent social media company in the UK or America will be… YouTube is indeed a hotbed for the marketing process known as ‘influence marketing’. However, YouTube is not the only place you can pull it […]

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social media marketing and active engagement

Storytelling: The Art of Successful Social Media Marketing

Stories have been told throughout history… They are key to our understanding of the world, and what came before us. However, stories are much more than simple tales or accounts of events past. They are also powerful Social Media Marketing tools. Why? Because people buy into them, they invite reaction and discussion or – as […]

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facebook marketing

Facebook Marketing – Taking The Next Step

Before we get started this week, we’d like to explain just why you should be taking the advice we offer… Just why we’re the people you want to talk to regarding your Facebook marketing, or social media marketing in general. You see, when it comes to social media companies UK law is fairly lax. Almost […]

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twitter engagement

Using Active Engagement to Take Your Twitter to The Next Level!

Following on from our blog de-mystifying the world of SEO, the leading digital agency in Bury are going to tackle another industry item this week – active engagement. When done correctly, active engagement can really help boost the results you see from social media marketing. So, if you seek social media excellence for your business, […]

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A colourful image with a picture of a team working on marketing and analytics with text reading "Fantastic keywords and where to fin them" Need Seo in bury blog

Need SEO in Bury? Then call Seek Social!

These days, the first half-page of a Google search is the new high street. It’s the place to be if you want to see high traffic for your business. As a result, the higher you can rank on the various search engine services across the internet, the better. To rank better, you need your content […]

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Instagram tools for marketing

Seek Social’s Seven Super Tools for Instagram Marketing!

This week Seek Social take time out to pass along some insider knowledge to all you SME owners… And we’re talking the kind of thing that usually only other social media companies in the UK and worldwide would know about. So read on, as our team fill you in on some of the best tools […]

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tips for social media videos

Seek Social’s general tips for YouTube, and social media videos:

We continue our look at all things video this week, bringing you another batch of tips for YouTube. We’ve already covered setting up your channel and laying the groundwork for ad campaigns, but what about the videos themselves? Well, in this week’s post we’ll be bringing you our most important do’s and don’ts for social […]

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Introducing The Seek Social Facebook Live Stream!

It may have been a bit rough around the edges presentation-wise, and started with the stereotypical ‘is this thing on?’ moment, but last week saw us join the ranks of internet streamers, thanks to the first ever Seek Social Facebook Live stream! No Fortnite or Minecraft for us though… Just the latest in social media […]

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social media and marketing sme

Does Your SME Need Social Media Marketing or Web Design in Bury?

Then you need to get in touch with Seek Social. We’re the web design and social media marketing experts in the heart of Bury!   Blog Table of Contents We’re superstars of social media marketing…We’re the wizards of web design……but wait – there’s more!Why choose Seek Social?Same great service as always, now in a new […]

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Seek Social’s Five A Side Follies!

We’ve got something a bit different for you on the Seek Social blog this week… Since we’ve already told you all about Seek Social’s social media and digital marketing prowess, today we want to show you a bit more of the Seek Social team away from the office. We were proud to be invited to […]

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instagram business

Instagram Stories, And How to Use Them For Business…

We hope you had an egg-celent Easter break! (Get your coats, the lot of you – Ed.) We sure did, and the Seek Social blog returns this week with more tips for those of you using Instagram for business. In this instalment, the Seek Social team will shine the spotlight on Instagram stories, and show […]

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blog post

Seek Social’s Six Call To Action Techniques to Boost Social Media Engagement

Over the past few weeks the Seek Social blog has focused on generating customer motivation and Social Media engagement. A consistent theme throughout has been our belief that the best way to do that is to be outgoing, and to seek out those two things in a pro-active way. When trying to take that pro-active […]

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Proactive facebook Engagement

Seek Social’s Seven Proactive Ways to Generate Customer Engagement!

This week, the Seek Social blog turns it’s focus once more to Facebook. We have already talked about the basics of securing customer engagement and customer feedback on Facebook… But what if you want to be more proactive in starting those conversations with your clientele? Well – these seven strategies should help you grab the […]

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Linktree Lets Your Instagram Bio Branch Out!

When the Internet Gods created Instagram, they decreed that ‘there shall only be one link on your profile’. That’s always seemed a bit draconian to the Seek Social team. Speaking from experience as one of the many, many people who use the platform for business, going into our Instagram bio and changing that link two […]

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Facebook Growth

Seek Social’s Essential Tips For Customer Engagement on Facebook

Facebook defines the term ‘Social Media’, and these days it has become an essential part of any business setup. However, using Social Media for business is somewhat different from using it in your private life. On your personal account you’re probably only really interested in the reactions of the people you know. However, on your […]

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