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Digital Presence

What is Digital Presence? How Digital Marketing Can Help You Improve Your Online Presence in 2021

These days, people search for everything and anything online. Whether they’re looking for a recipe, directions, do-it-yourself solutions, and more, people simply Google what they need to know. Because of the accessibility of search engines, people have the opportunity to search for unfamiliar brands. If a user searches your brand name on Google, Bing, Pinterest, […]

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Brand Attributes

Brand Attributes: How Important are They?

Brand attributes are inherent parts of your company’s brand. They can be likened to an individual’s characteristics or personality. For example, Coca-Cola’s brand attributes include excitement, joy, and happiness. Meanwhile, Apple’s brand personality revolves around innovation, imagination, and technology. When customers experience your brand through its colors, fonts, images, etc., the brand attributes should shine […]

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Content Creation Process

5 Ways to Optimize Your Content Creation Process

Anyone with an affinity for writing, be it as a hobby or as a career, will have a content creation process. They may not be aware of it, it may be a subconscious thing, but it will be there. A content creation process is usually a highly personal thing for a writer too. Take the […]

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Text reading 'finding an SEO expert near me: What happens next?' on a violet background. The O in SEO is a gear, and there are bar charts and targets present un the background.

So You’ve Found Your ‘SEO Expert Near Me’ – What Next?

In our last blog, the Seek Social team talked you through the steps that you ned to take and the questions you need to ask to find a quality SEO provider – and as we uncovered it takes a lot more than simply Googling ‘SEO expert near me’ and picking whoever sounds best.   Those […]

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a magnifying glass enlarging 3 question marks, next to text reading 'how do I find an SEO expert near me?'

How Do I Find an SEO Expert Near Me?

We’ll start today’s blog by sharing one of the questions that we here at Seek Social hear pretty regularly on Facebook, on Twitter, or from a certain type of client… Those that are unhappy with their current SEO provider often get in touch with us and ask ‘how do I find a good SEO expert […]

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10 Important Metrics to Measure Digital Marketing Success

Businesses have gone digital — developing websites, adopting email marketing, joining social media networks, and so on. This is because of the shift in online consumerism, compelling businesses to implement digital marketing strategies to adapt to the changing times. The only problem is that most businesses often aren’t measuring their digital marketing progress. Whatever industry […]

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Why You Need Digital Marketing for Your Small Business

One of the first and biggest problems faced by every small business is getting customers to buy their products. It won’t matter if they have the best products or services on the market — with poor marketing, the brand will never reach its target customers. While traditional advertising strategies such as print ads, infomercials, and […]

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A woman in a white lab coat bearing the Google logo types on a laptop while standing. Text to her left reads 'Google Search Console With Your SEO Expert - Part 3'

Google Search Console With Your SEO Expert – Part 3

Seek Social are back with another great blog for you this week – and just like we did for Google Analytics a few weeks ago, this week our SEO expert team are turning our beginner’s guide to Google Search Console into a trilogy. Given what we’ve covered in part 1 and part 2 (initial setup, […]

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A light blue arrow against a dark blue background, with bold text reading 'Google Search Console, Part 2' in other hues of blue on either side of the arrow

Google Search Console With Your SEO Expert – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Seek Social’s beginner’s guide to Google Search Console! If you missed the initial setup tutorial we presented in part one, now is the perfect time to get up to speed before moving ahead to today’s topics, in which our SEO expert team will help you get to grips with some […]

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A woman reading a book titled 'What Would Google Do?' next to white text on a blue background reading 'Google Search Console'

Google Search Console With Your SEO Expert – Part 1

In our latest blog mini-series the SEO expert team at Seek Social have been presenting an in-depth guide to Google Analytics, but GA isn’t the only tool out there that budding online businesses need to know about. Another such tool is Google Search Console, which some veteran SEO staff out there might know better under […]

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Close-up of a white keyboard behind a blue-to-pink gradient, with white text on the dark surface behind the keyboard, reading 'Google Analytics 101 Part 3 - Customization

Google Analytics: A Step By Step Guide by Your SEO Expert – Part 3!

We love a good trilogy in the Seek Social office, so our SEO expert team have decided to return with yet more information designed to help you get the most out of Google Analytics, and use the tool to help your business make money!   We’ve covered account setup… We’ve covered the structure of Google […]

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a monochrome background of 2 mac monitors, a laptop and a phone behind text reading 'Seek Social Presents: Google Analytics 101 Part 2'

Google Analytics: A Step By Step Guide by Your SEO Expert – Part 2!

Your SEO expert promised you more great Google Analytics content, and now it’s time for us to deliver on that promise. Last time we went through the account setup process, but in part 2 of our in-depth look at Google Analytics can begin to show you what the Seek Social team calls ‘the fun stuff’. […]

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White text reading 'Google Analytics 101' on a background of various green hues - a green surface featuring green pieces of office equipment and stationery

Google Analytics 101: A Step By Step Guide by Your SEO Expert

This week, the SEO Expert team at Bury’s best digital marketing agency are going back to basics. We’ve told you how SEO can help your website, we’ve told you how there are insights to be gleaned from a myriad of reports and performance metrics that can help your business be a success online too, and […]

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Hand drawn bacteria microbes against a blue background, with a post-it note reading 'Social Media Marketing during the corona virus'

Social Media Marketing During The Coronavirus Outbreak

We’d be lying if we said we really wanted to cover something coronavirus-related this week. However, Paula raised a great point a couple of weeks ago in one of our daily team meetings on Zoom… She mentioned seeing a lot of people talking about how social media marketing – indeed marketing as a whole – […]

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Text reading 'COVID-19's IMPACT' on a blue background with two coronavirus microbes to the bottom-left

COVID-19: Impact Analysis by a Full Service Digital Agency

In our blog three weeks ago Bury’s top full service digital agency wrote about the potential impact of coronavirus on the digital marketing industry. At that time we were ‘bracing ourselves for ‘the thick of our part of the outbreak’… Well, that time is here now – and along with it, real-world data. Having that […]

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An illustration of analytics reports and charts aganst a turquoise background

8 Key Points When Researching SEO Keywords

Keyword research is the crucial first step in any search engine optimization campaign. Get it right, and you’ve laid the foundations for success. Get it wrong, and your SEO campaign is likely doomed to failure before it even starts. How do you know if you’re doing it right though? A great question, but there’s no […]

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people sat on a giant laptop, reading various documents, on a blue backround with text reading 'Social Media Marketing & Coronavirus: How Is COVID-19 Affecting Our Industry?'

Social Media Marketing & Coronavirus: How Is COVID-19 Affecting Our Industry?

Coronavirus is all over the news these days, and rightly so. As we write this the UK is bracing itself for the thick of our country’s outbreak. Of course, we all know that China, Iran, and Italy have individually been the worst-hit countries. However, in global industries like social media marketing and search engine optimization […]

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A search engine and icons next to text reading 'SEO and blogging - how to get to the top of the rankings in 2020'

SEO and Blogging – How to Get to the Top of the Rankings in 2020

The Internet is a fast moving place… Trends and platforms come and go – remember Napster, AIM, MySpace etc.? Running a full service digital agency, we’ve certainly seen a lot of things have their fifteen minutes of fame over the years. One thing that has stood the test of time though, is blogging. It’s been […]

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